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Wusthof - French Style Oyster Knife - 4282

Wusthof - French Style Oyster Knife - 4282

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Quick Overview

Wusthof - French Style Oyster Knife - 4282

  • Riveted narrow blade oyster knife

  • Synthetic handles are compression riveted to the full tang of the blade

  • Laser cut from High Carbon German "X50CrMoV15" No Stain steel

  • Blade sharp at both sides of the tip

  • Made in "The Cutlery Capital of the World" Solingen Germany

Suitable For:

  • Commercial
  • Home Chef
  • Professional Chef
  • Restaurant

Oysters have a way of being unpredictible. To avoid a knife accident it is necessary to have a sharp and well engineer oyster knife. Wusthof oyster knifes are well made and will last for many years. With the solid construction of a Wusthof Oyster knife the blades will never loosen make the the knife unsafe for use. The oyster knives use the same steel that is used in our other more expensive knives. Wusthof uses a special blend of German steel through out the whole length of the knife. This Oyster knife is much like a knife blade. It is much narrower than our other knife blades and is used to penetrate small opening between the shells.

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