Vacu Vin - Coconut Opener - 46535606

Vacu Vin - Coconut Opener - 46535606

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With Vacu Vin’s Coconut Opener you can easily prepare a coconut. First puncture the soft ‘eye’ and pour out the coconut liquid into a glass. Then simply hit the coconut several times while turning it. The Coconut Opener will easily divide the coconut into equal halves which then allows easy access to the coconut flesh. Bring an exotic holiday experience into your home with this smart product.
  • Puncture the soft ‘eye’ of the coconut to pour out the liquid.
  • Easily divide the coconut into equal halves.
  • Clean with moist sponge/cloth.
  • To preserve the wood, treat with vegetable or olive oil at least 4 times a year.

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