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Trudeau - Aroma Wine Aerator - 0971512

Trudeau - Aroma Wine Aerator - 0971512

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Aerate every glass. Portable.

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  • Home Chef
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Any wine lover knows that if you want to preserve the flavor and taste of your favorite, best wines, that you need to aerate the wine. You also need to keep the wine sealed when not in-use. With the Trudeau Wine Aerating Elite you’re able to aerate the wine, seal in freshness, and pour wine with ease! And did we mention that it’s completely sophisticated and stylish?

The Trudeau Wine Aerating Elite is a must have for any wine lover. Its featured double aeration capabilities enable it to aerate while inside of the bottle when the wine is not in-use and while pouring wine! With the Trudeau Wine Aerating Elite you’ll notice an instant improvement in wine flavors thanks to its innovative wine aerating capabilities.

  • It's decanting, by the glass, made easy.
  • Equals to 30 minutes in traditional decanter
  • Improves bouquet and flavor instantly by injecting air into the wine as you pour

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