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Swiss Army - Red WorkChamp XL - Victorinox - 53771

Swiss Army - Red WorkChamp XL - Victorinox - 53771


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Quick Overview

We pushed the WorkChamp even harder and farther by adding in more tools to its case. This way with the WorkChamp XL you aren

Suitable For:

  • Home Chef

Not to be outdone, the Workchamp XL pushes the envelope by adding even more implements to our already loaded Workchamp. The large, stainless steel blade locks in place to protect and add leverage, and all of the implements carry a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Engraving panel on back.

Swiss Army Knife Tools Included:
  1. large blade
  2. bottle opener
  3. screwdriver 5 mm, lockable
  4. wire stripper
  5. wood saw
  6. metal saw
  7. metal file
  8. can opener
  9. screwdriver 3 mm
  10. reamer, punch
  11. Phillips screwdriver 0/1, long
  1. scissors
  2. Phillips screwdriver 1/2
  3. pliers
  4. wire cutter
  5. wire crimping tool
  6. tweezers
  7. toothpick
  8. key ring
  9. mini screwdriver
  10. corkscrew
Country of Manufacture
Swiss Army Knives
Blade Type
Handle Type
Cellidor Polished Handle
11 oz
1.22 inch
1.6 inch

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