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Staub - 10" (26cm) Black Square American Grill - 40510-430

Staub - 10" (26cm) Black Square American Grill - 40510-430


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A piece of cookware that is used to grill foods, has ridges spaced evenly across the bottom and short sides that are flared or sloped, with a long handle. Available in a wide range of sizes; the most common are 8, 10 and 12 inches with depths of 1.5 to 3 inches and larger grill pans often have a helper handle. The pan should be made of heat conductive materials that radiate heat evenly such as stainless steel with a copper or aluminum core, aluminum, anodized aluminum or cast iron.

Suitable For:

  • Commercial
  • Home Chef
  • Professional Chef
  • Restaurant

Grilling inside might be something you previously thought to be impossible, but it is very doable when you purchase this beautiful American Grill by Staub. The grill ridges in the bottom of the pan keep your foods up off of the flat surface, allowing them to be grilled just as they would be outdoors. This is a quality cast iron item that has been coated in enamel for durability and scratch resistance. With a square design and a large 10’’ size, you will find that you can place plenty of various items in this pan for quick and effective grilling.

One of the great features of this pan that is easy to overlook is the pour spouts that are located on two sides. There is sure to be liquid from the cooking process that gathers in the bottom of the pan, so these spouts are an easy way to drain off that liquid safely. Place your order today!

Country of Manufacture
26 cm
Staub Black , Staub Skillets, Fry, Grill Pans

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