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Shun - 8" Classic Scalloped Chef's Knife - DM0719

Shun - 8" Classic Scalloped Chef's Knife - DM0719

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Shun - 8" Classic Scalloped Chef's Knife - DM0719

Suitable For:

  • Professional Chef
  • Restaurant

Shun classics are the origiginal Shuns, the first Japanese-style knives to be made available to a wider audience in North America. Instead of heavy, ponderous blades, Shun Classic blades are lighter with razor-sharp edges and crafted from advanced steel. Rather than weight, Western handles, Shun Classic offers the graceful control of a traditional Japanese handle.

A chef’s knife with a scalloped blade is a great tool for keeping the food you cut on the board instead of stuck to the side of your knife. The hollowed-out ‘scallops’ will reduce the contact made between the food and the knife, and a better cutting experience will be the result. This Shun 8’’ Classic Scalloped Chef’s Knife has all of the quality features that you would expect from this brand, such as a beautiful pakkawood handle and a stainless steel blade. Shun has used 16 layers of stainless steel to form the blade, giving it a distinctive Damascus look.

Just about any food preparation task can be handled with this knife, including the basics like chipping, slicing, and dicing. With just a little practice you will quickly have the feel for the balance of this knife and you will be able to make all of your favorite meals with ease.


Blade Features: 

Propriertary VG-MAX cutting core. This high-end stainless steel forms the core of the entire blade, all the way to the cutting edge. VG-Max is extremely hard, which means Shun Classics can take an incredible edge and hold it longer. 

Stainless Damascus Cladding - 34 micro-layers of steel on each side support the core, add stain / corrosion resistance and help food release from the blade. 

Razor-sharp hand sharpened 16° angle cutting edge on each side for top performance; blade is double-bevel, flat ground for easy cutting and food release. 

Handle Material

PakkaWood - Premium, resin-impregnated hardwood resists moisture and is strong and durable. 

Asymmetrical - Traditional Japanese D-Shaped handle nestles into the curve of the right hand.  

Country of Manufacture
Shun Classic

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