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Shun - 3.5" Classic Paring Knife - DM0700

Shun - 3.5" Classic Paring Knife - DM0700


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Quick Overview

Shun - Classic 3-1/2" Paring Knife - DM0700

Suitable For:

  • Professional Chef
  • Restaurant

Shun classics are the origiginal Shuns, the first Japanese-style knives to be made available to a wider audience in North America. Instead of heavy, ponderous blades, Shun Classic blades are lighter with razor-sharp edges and crafted from advanced steel. Rather than weight, Western handles, Shun Classic offers the graceful control of a traditional Japanese handle.

When precision work is required, a paring knife should be your first choice. Paring knives are great tools because they have short blades - 3.5’’ in this case - making for quick and tidy work in a variety of applications. The Shun 3.5’’ Classic Paring Knife has a high-carbon stainless steel blade which will keep its edge nicely, and it features the pakkawood handle that is found throughout Shun’s product line. Big knives tend to get most of the shopping attention from buyers, but a small paring knife such as this is an essential piece of kitchen gear.

There is a Damascus look to this knife thanks to the 16 layers of stainless steel that have been used, and the blade will be rust free for years as a result. A lifetime warranty stands behind this quality Shun product, which should be kept out of the dishwasher whenever possible for the good of the blade. Place your order today!


Blade Features: 

Propriertary VG-MAX cutting core. This high-end stainless steel forms the core of the entire blade, all the way to the cutting edge. VG-Max is extremely hard, which means Shun Classics can take an incredible edge and hold it longer. 

Stainless Damascus Cladding - 34 micro-layers of steel on each side support the core, add stain / corrosion resistance and help food release from the blade. 

Razor-sharp hand sharpened 16° angle cutting edge on each side for top performance; blade is double-bevel, flat ground for easy cutting and food release. 

Handle Material

PakkaWood - Premium, resin-impregnated hardwood resists moisture and is strong and durable. 

Asymmetrical - Traditional Japanese D-Shaped handle nestles into the curve of the right hand.  

Country of Manufacture
Shun Classic

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