Le Creuset - Black Phenolic 8" (20cm) Carving Knife - GK105-31

Le Creuset - Black Phenolic 8" (20cm) Carving Knife - GK105-31


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Quick Overview

Our 20cm Carving Knife features a long, narrow blade to slice effortlessly through meat, poultry and fish without tearing the flesh.

Suitable For:

  • Home Chef
  • Home Use

A rarity these days, each Le Creuset Knife – from raw material, to the final packaging – goes through over 40 rigorous steps. Created by the experts in Solingen, Germany, the result, is a marriage of traditional craftsmanship with fresh, modern design. This exclusive collection of forged knives are available with our exquisite Italian olive wood handles, sleek, stainless steel handles or our beautifully finished black phenolic handles.

Carve meat like the pros by moving this thin blade in a sawlike motion. Enjoy a smooth, clean cut every time.

  • The blade is made of 64 layers of forged Damascus steel, which provides superior flexibility and protects the core from corrosion.
  • The VG-10 steel core gives the blade stability and an exceptionally sharp edge.
  • Hand-wash in warm, soapy water.
  • Sharpen with appropriate ceramic or stone sharpeners as needed.



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