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Krups - Falcon Fully Automatic Espresso Machine Premium Die Cast - EA844250

Krups - Falcon Fully Automatic Espresso Machine Premium Die Cast - EA844250


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Quick Overview

Enhance your coffee experience and soar to new heights with the Krups Falcon superautomatic espresso machine. From the very beginning you'll notice this majestic machine guides you through the complete start-up process and straight to the main event - brewing! When you reach the home screen you immediately have one-touch access to an espresso, ristretto, coffee, hot water or steam. For rich and creamy steamed milk, simply attach the Super Cappuccino accessory to the Falcon’s steam wand and milk container of your choosing and select the steam option from the home screen. With operations so instinctive, it’s as though Mother Nature intended it.

Suitable For:

  • Home Chef

Features & Functionality of the Krups Falcon Superautomatic Espresso Machine

  • Fully Automatic: Choose your preferred drink from the home screen and let the Falcon do the rest!
  • 15 BAR Pressure: For maximum flavor extraction.
  • Touch Screen: Feel free to leave fingerprints on this screen, as the Falcon operates off of a touch screen interface.
  • Customizable Settings: Have fun personalizing any of the following options from the settings menu: date, time, preferred language, country in which you reside, unit of measure, screen brightness, coffee temperature, water hardness, auto-on, auto-off.
  • Machine with Brains: Ok, so maybe this machine doesn't have biological brains, but it still manages to remember the day you brewed your first drink (awww) and the total number of drinks prepared. It will also let you know the exact number of drink cycles until it's time to clean, descale and change the filter.
  • Super Cappuccino Accessory: For rich and steamy microfoam, simply attach the accessory and milk suction pipe to the machine and place the opposite end of the pipe into a container of milk. Press the steam option on the home screen and let the Falcon do the rest!
  • Coffee Temperature & Strength: Choose from three levels of coffee temperature and one to three bean strengths.
  • Water Tank: Refill less with the removable 57.50 ounce water tank.
  • Bean Storage: The Falcon holds up to 8.8 ounces of whole beans.
  • Grind Setting: Fine-tune the size of your grind with the grind adjustment knob located in the bean hopper.
  • Cup Warmer: Steam from the working machine heats the metal cup tray, creating a convenient cup warmer.
  • Storage Box: A handy container sits at the corner of the drip tray (below the steam wand) and can be removed when frothing milk.


  • Recipe Suggestions - The user manual includes a helpful recipe guide. Who knows - you may discover your new favorite drink!
  • Adjustable Cup Height - The coffee spout is adjustable to accommodate varying cup sizes.
  • No Bypass Doser - Oddly enough, this machine does not offer a bypass doser for your favorite pre-ground blend. On the bright side, with the amazing amount of whole bean variety offered nowadays this shouldn't be much of a problem.
Ease of Care and Maintenance 3
Ease of Use 5
Overall Value for the Money 4
Tips and Tricks

We suggest using the round storage box to hold the super cappuccino accessories.

Remember to manually rinse the super cappuccino accessory after each use, as the Falcon will not prompt you to do so.



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