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Cut, chop, slice, and, dice with any one of our high-quality bread knives. We are proud to offer our entire stock of bread knives from trusted brands such as Danesco, Fox Run, Global Knives, Johnson-Rose, Le Creuset, Mac, Shun, and many more. Having a dedicated bread knife ensures a long-lasting, sharp blade which should require little to no sharpening during its lifetime. Our Le Creuset 20cm Bread Knife features a long, scalloped-edge blade to slice effortlessly through crusty loaves, baguettes and cakes. Slice nice slices of bread without squishing is with this Johnson-Rose’s 12" bread knife. Victorinox’s 7” slant tip bread knife uses a detailed process to ensure the blade lives up its brand name. And this is just a preview of what we have inside! Take a look at all we offer - a complete collection of bread knives designed for professionals, but available for everyone.

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