Wusthof Grand Prix II 6 inch Meat Cleavers

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Chop, slice, and dice with any one of our high-quality meat cleavers. These broad blades are strong and designed to cut through bone in one easy chop. We are pleased to offer you our entire stock of meat cleavers from trusted brands such as Global Knives, Johnson-Rose, Mercer Cutlery, Victorinox, Wusthof, Zwilling J.A. Henckels, and many more. Johnson-Rose’cleavers are the largest of kitchen knives and are designed to chop through thick meat and bone. Make short work of even the strongest cuts as you chop through flesh, bone, and sinew with ease. Our Mercer cleaver borrows from Asian kitchen craft and features a rectangular blade for super thin slices and precise control over hard vegetables.Victorinox’s Chinese cleavers features a wooden handle and curved blade suited for rapid chopping and slicing.

We offer a complete collection of Meat Cleavers designed for professionals, but available for everyone.

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