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Found: 7 Item(s)

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Chop, slice, and dice with any one of our high-quality cimeter knives. Our entire stock of cimeter knives come from trusted brands such as Victorinox, and many more. Cimeter knives are a medium-sized, butcher knife with a curved edge. Each of our amazing collection will make short work of any meat, fish, and poultry. The 10” yellow Fibrox cimeter knife has an edge that is conically ground length and crosswise to achieve a wider break point. These knives are colour-coded to quickly identify between meat, fish, and vegetable knives. Victorinox’s 10” cimeter is an excellent alternative to the butcher knife and perfect for cutting and trimming steaks and other large pieces of meat. We offer a complete collection of channel knives designed for professionals, but available for everyone.

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