SAK Huntsman 1 inch Swiss Army Pocket Knives

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Take handy tools with you anywhere you might go with any one of our high-quality Swiss Army Pocket Knives. Swiss Army by Victorinox has been a staple of the Swiss Guard for decades, but gained in popularity amongst outdoor enthusiasts for it's simple utility. Our entire stock of Swiss Army Pocket Knives come from premiere brand, Victorinox. Choose from either a wide assortment of size, tools, and colours. The Black Cadet include basic tools such as two blades, bottle opener, and file. The compact design fits snugly into your pocket. For the outdoors, try the Black Camper which has handy options like a mini saw, and corkscrew. IF you hunt, don't forget to one of our hunter pro knives, designed for all a hunter needs.

We offer a complete collection of Swiss Army Pocket Knives designed for professionals, but available for everyone.

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