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Wusthof - 10" Gourmet Confectioner's Knife - 4517


Wusthof - 10" Gourmet Confectioner's


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For anyone who has a sweet tooth or how loves making fudge and other goodies, you can appreciate the value of a dedicated confectioner's knife! Slice, garnish, and fan out fancy displays with any one of our high-quality confectioner’s knives. Our entire stock of confectioner’s knives come from trusted brands such as Wusthof, and many more. Our Wusthof 10" Confectioners Knife has a long slender blade with a rounded tip. The blade is longer than many other knives so that it can slice across cakes and pastries in one swift movement. The serrated edge has saw-like teeth that enable the blade to slice cleanly through food with delicate textures such as angel food cake without damaging it. Make short work of brownies, fudge, angel food cake, and any other sweet treats you might bake up in your kitchen.

We offer a complete collection of confectioner’s knives designed for professionals, but available for everyone.

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