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Make risotto right every time with any of our excellent risotto makers. We offer a complete collection of risotto makers designed for professionals, but available to everyone. Risotto requires just the right amount of time and moisture to come out tasting the way it should. Take the guesswork out of it with a risotto maker. Choose from a wide variety of trusted brand names such as Breville and many more. Our Breville Risotto Plus lets you Make perfect risotto, fluffy steamed rice and family-sized slow-cooked meals—all with one multitasking machine. Breville's do-it-all cooker has separate functions for stir-free risotto and rice, steaming, sauteing and slow cooking. After cooking, it automatically keeps your food at the perfect serving temperature until it's time to eat. Whatever the job, we've got the right equipment for it all in one place.

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