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Global - 8.5" Ceramic Sharpening Rod - GLB-G-74

Global - 8.5" Ceramic Sharpening Rod - GLB-G-74

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Global - 8.5" Ceramic Sharpening Rod - GLB-G-74

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  • Restaurant

Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your knives working their best for long periods of time - and a good sharpening rod is one of the best options for maintaining your blades. This Ceramic Sharpening Rod from Global is 8.5’’ and is coated in diamond dust to give it the power it needs to straighten out your edges. With ample size to work with, you should be able to use this sharpening rod to fix up blades on knives of all sizes. Also, thanks to the wide bolster that has been placed at the top of the handle, you should be able to sharpen up your knives safely time after time.

Some sharpening rods that you see on the market today don’t actually have the strength needed to sharpen the edge - but this one does. As an added bonus, it looks great and mimics the style of the rest of your Global knives. Order today!

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