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Global - 3" Tomato Knife - GLB-71GS9

Global - 3" Tomato Knife - GLB-71GS9


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Global - 3" Tomato Knife - GLB-71GS9

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  • Home Chef

Tomatoes are notoriously difficult to slice - so much so that there is an entire category of knives dedicated to that one task alone. This knife, the 3’’ Tomato Knife from Global, will make quick work of any tomato slicing task that you may face. The small 3’’ blade is easy to control when working with delicate tomatoes, and the serrated edge will help you pierce the skin without having to apply too much pressure. The knife itself is made from Cromova 18 stainless steel which has been ice-hardened.

Fortunately, this knife is capable of doing much more than just cutting tomatoes, so you will get good value when you invest in this beautiful Global knife. The serrated edge present on the small blade allows you to cut a number of different food items, such as bread and even cheese. If you would love to be able to slice tomatoes without any problem at all, pick yours up today!

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