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Global - 16" Magnetic Knife Bar - GLB-G-42-41

Global - 16" Magnetic Knife Bar - GLB-G-42-41


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Global - 16" Magnetic Knife Bar - GLB-G-42-41
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  • Home Chef
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  • Restaurant

Saving counter space is always a bonus in the kitchen. It never seems like there is enough space to go around, and placing a large knife block on your kitchen counter will only serve to take up more of that space. With that in mind, consider storing your beautiful Global knives on this 16’’ Magnetic Knife Bar. This product mounts to the wall with just a couple of screws, and it holds on tightly to your knives thanks to a powerful magnet. Of course, the product is also styled in the traditional Global manner, with a dot pattern and beautiful steel.

There are a couple of great advantages to storing your knives in this way. First, you will always have them close at hand when you need them. Second, and just as important, is the fact that you can enjoy the look of your stunning Global knife collection even when they aren’t in use. Order your knife bar today!

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