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Fagor - 6QT LUX Electric Multi-Cooker - 670041880

Fagor - 6QT LUX Electric Multi-Cooker - 670041880

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Quick Overview

The LUX combines the convenience of a pressure cooker and a rice cooker with the favour-infusing power of a slow cooker and yogurt maker for an amazing one-pot cooking experience. This 6QT unit serves 4 people.

Suitable For:

  • Home Chef
  • Home Use
  • Professional Chef

Easy to Use

Load your ingredients, close the lid and set your cooker. The Mutli-Cooker has an easy to read control panel. The LUX has total flexibility for cooking time adjustment.


The Fagor LUX Multi-Cooker has a triple safety system. The locking lid prevetns opening under pressure. It includes an automatic pressure release and an anti-overheating system.


The LUX includes four cooking tools in one unit. Cook from start to finish in one dishwasher safe pot. The product features four easy to use cooking assist functions.


Pressure cooking lets you prepare your favourite foods in a fraction of the time. Time delay allows for delayed cooking time up to 6 hours. Keep warm up to 12 hours after cooking.


  • PFOA and PTFE free, non-stick ceramic 6QT removable pot for easy cleaning.
  • Pressure regulating knob with three positions: Clean, Steam and Pressure.
  • Automatic locking handle on lid with indicators for added safety.
  • Updated soft-touch control panel is straight forward and easy to use.


  • Easy to read LED display shows cooking time.

Keep Warm & Time Delay

  • Ready to assist you before and after cooking.

Pressure & Slow Cooking

  • Preset temperature & pressure settings for high & low.

Rice Functions

  • Preset times and temperatures take the guesswork out of rice cooking.

Indicator Lights

  • Show as temperature and pressure builds.

Plus & Minus Buttons

  • For precise time control.

Yogurt Function

  • For tasty, homemade yogurt.

Assist Functions

  • Brown, Simmer, Sauté and Steam: four extra functions for a true one-pot experience.
6 qt

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