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Le Creuset Le Creuset Skillets & Grill Pans Marseille 16 inch 40 cm Skillets

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Sear, fry, and sizzle with any of our fantastic skillets! We are pleased to offer a full range of skillets which have been designed for professionals but made available to everyone. We offer trusted brands such as Demeyere, Johnson-Rose, Le Creuset, Lodge, Staub, and many more. Our skillets come in a huge range of sizes, shapes, and styles. Sear meat to seal in the flavour, simmer sauces, or stir-fry vegetables to produce quick and healthy meals. Add oil and turn many of our skillets into a home deep fryer to crisp up French fries or make delicious doughnuts. The skillets thin construction ensures quick and efficient cooking and also creates a non stick surface which is a breeze to clean up. Make weeknight one-pan meals that your family will love with any of our incredible skillets.

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