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Every chef knows that it’s always a good idea to have the right tool for the right job.

Design, decorate, and delight your friends and family with your skills and our vast selection of baking and pastry tools. We have everything from whisks and dough blenders, to tart pans and tools, cookie cutters, rolling pins and mats, and everything in between. beginner baker to the professional patisserie and everyone in between, we have the right tool for the job. Use the decorating spoon set from Eurodib to create intricate designs on cookies and cakes. Whisk and aerate soufflés, omeletters, and desserts with a stainless steel Best Whip whisk. Of course, any serious baker knows that you can never have enough icing tips., like Johnson-Rose’s 55-piece stainless steel icing tip kit. With these and so much more, the only limit will be your own imagination.

Dive into our high-quality selection of baking and pastry tools.