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Every chef knows that it’s always a good idea to have the right tool for the right job. And every chef, whether a pro or beginner, can appreciate our amazing utensil sets. We carry a complete collection of essentials kits, turkey lifters, serve tool sets, kitchen tools sets, salad serving sets, garnishing tool sets, and much more. All-Clad’s 6-piece gift set comes with kitchen utensil essentials that every household needs like a can opener, oven mitts, and tea towel. It makes a nice gift for college students starting out, or as a house-warming gift for a first home. Pout the finishing touches on any of your crudités and other dishes with one of our Wusthof garnishing kits. The 7-piece set includes all you need to make radish roses, or add a lemon twist to vodka martinis. Serve up your salads in style with a WFE set of olive wood servers. The classic fork and spoon shapes are complimented by the warm wood grain. Whatever you might need, our collection of high-quality utensil sets won’t disappoint.

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