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Protect your hands from burns, cuts, and harsh chemicals with our full range of Oven Mitts. Our professional-grade mitts were designed to work in the toughest conditions to keep your hands safe and comfortable. Designed with professionals in mind, but made available to help protect the public, our Kevlar mitts are an excellent choice. These mitts keep you safe up to 450 F. Starfrit’s cotton-lined silicone oven mitts provide a protective barrier to grab your cookies or French fries out of the oven. We also carry Superior Gloves Chemstop Gloves, ideal for use on jobs where harsh chemicals or high temperatures are required. In the kitchen and pretty much everywhere else, your hands are needed to get the job done. Protect your hands by taking a look at our entire collection of oven mitts and gloves. Take a look at our entire collection of oven mitts inside!