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Epicurean - 23" x 14" x 3/16" Slate Pizza Peel - 007-231402

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Epicurean cutting boards are essential tools for every at-home or professional chef. Since 2003, Epicurean has revolutionized the culinary industry with its innovative designs, introducing a wide-range of dishwasher-safe, heat-resistant and easy-to-maintain cutting boards. Made in the United States from durable, environmentally friendly and recycled materials, an Epicurean cutting board is not only resilient enough for heavy-duty meal preparation, but also attractive enough for table presentation.

Both sides of Epicurean cutting boards can be used for dicing and chopping fruits and vegetables, cutting through tough meats, or serving warm food to guests. Our Epicurean products come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, and feature a corner hole to help make lifting, carrying and storing the product easy. We offer an assortment of Epicurean boards and products, such as cutting boards, non-slip boards, carving boards, bread boards, and pizza peels. Complete your kitchen by purchasing an Epicurean cutting board today.