Finding The Right Blender For You: Vitamix Pro 300 vs. 500
March 3, 2016

Finding The Right Blender For You: Vitamix Pro 300 vs. 500


Purchasing a new blender can be difficult, especially when there are so many options on the market. We’re here to help. We compared the Vitamix 500 vs. 300 to determine which blender is more cost-effective, more powerful and easiest to use, to help you narrow down your options.

The Vitamix Professional Series 500 and Vitamix Professional Series 300 blenders are great high-performance kitchen machines to invest in, as they both offer a variety of unique features and are capable of tackling an endless variety of jobs with ease and convenience.

Relied on by chefs in restaurants all over North America, the Vitamix Pro 300 and Vitamix Pro 500 go beyond being a personal blender, meant only for creating quick and easy smoothies on the go. These professional-grade models can be used on a regular basis, blending and mixing whole-food ingredients for soups, frozen treats, flours, refreshing beverages, sauces, nut butters and much, much more.

With five-star reviews from hundreds of users, you can’t go wrong with investing in either of these popular blender models. But which blender is the best option for you? We’ve created the following comparison guide to help you differentiate between the Vitamix 500 vs. 300, to help you determine which blender best suits your cooking wants and needs.



The Vitamix Pro 300 features a 2.2 horsepower motor, making it a little more powerful than the Vitamix Pro 500, which tops out with a 2 horsepower motor. The Vitamix Pro 300’s motor is part of Vitamix's most powerful lineup; The G-Series, meaning you can blend, chop, and mix a variety of food items and recipes with ease, tackling even the most difficult items like tough fruits, vegetables and grains without putting stress on the machine’s parts.

Winner: Vitamix Pro 300!


Even though both models are attractive and are guaranteed to look great on any kitchen countertop, the Vitamix Pro 300 offers a little more variety as it comes in two colours — onyx and ruby — giving you more flexibility with colour options to match the rest of your kitchen’s décor.

The Vitamix Pro 300 and Vitamix Pro 500 are sleek and sophisticated models designed with at-home chefs in mind, as they can fit comfortably underneath most kitchen cabinets. The shortened 64 oz container of the Pro Series 300 was specially designed to give it the ability to comfortably fit underneath most kitchen cabinets. At 20.5" the Pro 500 is slightly taller making it unable to fit under the majority of kitchen cupboards. The Vitamix Pro 300 weighs in at 12.5 lbs, and the Vitamix Pro 500 weighs just less than 11 lbs, making it easier to transfer around your kitchen or home if necessary.

The ergonomically designed blenders both include a BPA-free, shatterproof plastic container with a wide mouth that can hold up to 64oz of liquid. They also include a radial cooling fan and thermal protection system, which are design features that the Vitamix brand is known for.

Lastly, the newer G-Series Pro 300 produces 40% less noise than the C-Series Pro 500 model.

Winner: Vitamix Pro 300!

Ease of Use

The Vitamix Pro 300 and Vitamix Pro 500 are both easy to use, featuring a 10-speed dial and pulse setting that is easy to control. However, the Vitamix Pro 500 is a little more convenient than the Vitamix Pro 300, as it includes three pre-programmed features: smoothie, soup, and frozen dessert.

Its pre-programmed settings allow you to load your ingredients, press a button, and walk away until it is complete — the blender will even stop on its own when finished, guaranteeing the perfect consistency and temperature every time. For ease of use, the Vitamix Pro 500 makes the most sense.

Winner: Vitamix Pro 500!


Considering some of the more expensive blenders on the market, the Vitamix Pro 300 costs $649.00 and the Vitamix Pro 500 costs $719.00. Compared to other brands on the market the difference with Vitamix is that they are designed to last and will not break on you after only two years of use — they are even covered under Vitamix’s industry leading seven-year warranty.

Even though it’s a close race, you will get the best performance for your money by investing in the Vitamix Pro 500. For only $70.00 more, the Vitamix Pro 500 will let you access a few programmable setting options, and give you the option to create smoothies, hot soups and frozen treats with the click of a button.

Winner: Vitamix Pro 500!


Comparing the Vitamix Pro 500 with the Vitamix Pro 300

Choose Your Blender

After comparing the Vitamix 500 vs. 300, it is clear both have their own advantages — the best choice depends on what you are specifically looking for in a blender, and what features and categories you decide to prioritize while making your decision.

While the Vitamix Pro 500 is great for those at-home chefs looking for convenience with the three pre-programmed settings, the Vitamix Pro 300 is the best choice for those price-conscious buyers with a vested interest in appearance and design.

The Vitamix Pro 500 offers the great feature of having three pre-programmed settings adding convenience for the at-home chef, while the design of the Vitamix Pro 300 allows for convenient counter top storage while being 40 % quieter.

Still not convinced? Check out our other comparison guides, or our complete line of Vitamix Blenders to find the right Vitamix for your life.


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