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Vitamix Blender Christmas Buying Guide
August 24, 2018

Vitamix Blender Christmas Buying Guide

Vitamix Pro 750 vs Ascent 3500

What to get your Kitchen sweetie this Christmas? The Vitamix may be obvious, but which Vitamix blender makes the best Christmas gift for your home chef? Let us walk you through how to select the right Vitamix blender as a gift.

Vitamix blenders are known to be work horses in the kitchen. From making your morning smoothie, quick soups and sauces, getting creative and making your own frozen desserts, nut butters and flours, the abilities of a Vitamix blender are endless and they are always up to the task. As Canada’s leading online Vitamix dealer, we have created this comparison between two of Vitamix’s most popular blenders; the Vitamix Pro 750 and the Ascent Series 3500 to help make your buying decision a little easier.  You can see previous Vitamix Blender comparisons here: https://www.williamsfoodequipment.com/blog/vitamix-500-vs-750-pro/

The Vitamix Pro 750 blender is from a previous generation of machines called the Professional Series and is the last machine being offered by Vitamix in the Professional Series. The Ascent 3500 comes from the latest series of machines, the Ascent Series, which was launched in early 2017.


The Vitamix Pro 750 and Ascent 3500 have a lot of similarities in design as the Ascent 3500 was designed to take the best features of the Pro 750 and give them a modern update.

Both the Pro 750 and Ascent 3500 are housed in a brushed stainless steel base and use low profile 64 oz containers. Both blenders are designed to fit under your cupboards allowing you to leave these stylish blenders on your counter for quick and easy access. The Pro 750 measures 17.4” tall from the base to the top of the container and the Ascent 3500 measures 17”.

The control interface of the Pro 750 follows the more traditional Vitamix design featuring a variable speed dial that controls the speed of the blender blades. The Pro 3500 features a more modern touch control interface allowing users the ability to push start their blenders at the touch of a finger while still having a variable speed control dial. Knowing that sometimes your hands get a little wet when working in the kitchen, Vitamix has done extensive testing to ensure that the touch control will still function when working with wet hands.


Both blenders feature Vitamix’s most powerful motor. A peak 2.2 HP motor gives them plenty of power to get through even the toughest of jobs.

Both blenders feature 5 pre-programed settings that control both the speed of the blades and the time of the blend. These settings are programed for Smoothies, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts, Purees (dips and spreads) and Self-Cleaning. The Pro 750 uses the variable speed dial to select which setting you would like to use while the Ascent 3500 allows you to select the program of your choice at the push of a finger.

Though both blenders come with a low profile 64 oz container, the Ascent 3500 uses Vitamix’s new self detect system which wirelessly recognizes the size of the container on the base and will automatically adjust the pre-programed settings based on the container size it detects. The Self Detect system is part of Vitamix’s new smart system designed for the Ascent series and is not compatible with other series of machines including the Pro 750. The Pro 750 has a 48oz container, 32 oz container and a 32 oz dry container available for purchase (not included). The Ascent 3500 has a wider array of self-detect containers available starting with an 8 oz blending bowl great for baby food, dips, parfaits and salad dressings. The 20 oz to go container, which is great for having your smoothies on the fly, features a sealed sport top lid that allows you to carry these containers around without the fear of making a mess or spilling. A 48 oz smart detect container is also available in both wet and dry for the Ascent 3500.

Both the Pro 750 and the Ascent 3500 have a pulse feature and a variable speed control dial giving you both power and precision. The Ascent 3500 features a programmable timer allowing you to effortlessly re-create your custom recipes time after time. After all, consistency is key in the kitchen.

Our Recommendation

This is tough decision since these blenders are our favorite two in Vitamix’s lineup. The Vitamix Pro 750 has a great look and will more than suit the needs of most people in the kitchen; however, the Ascent 3500 has too many great features that allow you to customize your blender to meet your own specific needs and has a 10 year warranty which is 3 more years than what is offered on the Pro 750. Though still in its infancy, Vitamix’s Smart System of blending will be further developed to allow greater customization to meet your individual blending needs allowing you to maximize your usage and investment from your blender. Due to its ability to be customized to meet your specific needs and its longer warranty, we recommend the Ascent 3500.

To see a demonstration of the Vitamix 3500, check out Chef Joel and his handy demonstration.


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