Finding The Right Blender For You: Vitamix Pro 500 vs. 750
March 3, 2016

Finding The Right Blender For You: Vitamix Pro 500 vs. 750

Are you trying to decide what Vitamix blender is best for your wants and needs? We’re here to help. We compared the Vitamix 750 vs. 500 to determine which blender is more powerful, has the better design features, and will give you the best value for your money.


It’s not an easy task to compare the Vitamix Professional Series 500 vs. 750, as both blenders come close to being the perfect all-in-one kitchen appliance - fit for homes of all sizes and chefs of all experience levels.

Well known for their incredibly powerful motors and blades, the Vitamix Professional Series 750 and Vitamix Professional Series 500 have received rave reviews from both home cooks and chefs, and are used on a daily basis in some of the top restaurants in North America. Capable of pummelling any and all ingredients to bits with ease, both models can create everything from healthy, green smoothies to whole-grain flour for your baking needs.

Still not sure which model of Vitamix blender to choose from? We’re here to help. We’ve created the following comparison guide to help you differentiate between the Vitamix Pro 500 vs. 750, and ultimately determine which blender is the best option for you and your family.



The Vitamix Pro 750 is a powerful machine that features a 2.2 horsepower motor — a little more powerful than the Vitamix Pro 500 motor, which tops out at 2 horsepower. The Vitamix Pro 750’s motor is the most powerful motor Vitamix offers in its kitchen appliances, meaning you can easily blend a variety of food items and recipes without stress, and tackle even the most difficult items like tough vegetables and hard nuts with the push of a button.

Both blenders also include a radial cooling fan and thermal protection system to help prevent it from overheating — design features that the Vitamix brand is best known for.

Winner: Vitamix Pro 750!


The Vitamix Pro 750 and Vitamix Pro 500 are almost identical in the design and appearance section, and also function almost the exact same way. Both models come in a brushed stainless colour, and are made in the United States out of the highest-quality materials available. In addition to the stainless steel motor base, the Pro 750 also features a backlight display.

The Vitamix Pro 750 is 17.4 inches tall, 7.7 inches wide and weighs 12.5 lbs. The Vitamix Pro 500 is a little taller, measuring at 20.5 inches tall and 7.25 inches wide, but weighs just less than 11 lbs making it easier to transfer around your kitchen or home if necessary.

One major difference between the designs of these two models is that the Vitamix Pro 750 is reportedly 40% quieter than the Vitamix Pro 500 — a bonus feature if the noise level of your future blender is a concern.

Winner: Vitamix Pro 750!

Ease of Use

The Vitamix Pro 750 and Vitamix Pro 500 both have convenient pre-programmed settings, meaning they are very user friendly and a great choice for those who would rather use these types of features than experiment with a speed dial. Once you choose a pre-programmed setting on either blender, you can let it be until it is complete — it knows when to stop blending, to achieve the perfect consistency and temperature every time.

The difference between the settings on these two blenders is that the Vitamix Pro 750 actually feature two more pre-programmed settings than the Vitamix Pro 500, making it possible to create puree recipes, and for it to self-clean for the utmost convenience, in addition to the standard smoothies, frozen desserts, and hot soup presets. Not only do these pre-programmed settings control the speed of the blender, but also the time the blender is on for. Both models also feature straightforward, accessible buttons that can be controlled easily by chefs of all kinds.

Winner: Vitamix Pro 750!


The Vitamix Pro 500 is $719.00, and the Vitamix Pro 750 is $749.00. With only $30.00 separating these two Vitamix blenders, it makes the most sense to invest the extra money into a machine that can not only make purée recipes at the touch of a button, but also can self-clean so you have less work to do. Because it isn’t a significant jump in cost, you are getting more value for your money by investing in the Vitamix Pro 750 and all of its pre-programmed features, all with less noise involved.

Winner: Vitamix Pro 750!


Comparing the Vitamix Pro 750 with the Vitamix Pro 500

Choose Your Blender

After comparing the Vitamix Pro 500 vs. 750, it is clear the blenders are very similar and offer quite a few of the same features. However, even though the Vitamix Pro 750 is $30.00 more expensive, it outshines the Vitamix Pro 500 in every category, making it the better choice for your money.

That being said, both blenders are great choices and able to go above and beyond for your cooking and preparation needs, creating milk, juice, dough, alcoholic beverages and more in a matter of minutes.

If you want to go tackle a variety of projects with your blender, such as creating puréed fruit and vegetable blends for babies, the Vitamix Pro 750 is the blender for you. However, if you are looking for a reliable blender that can tackle more simple blending recipes for juices and smoothies of all flavours, and even help create hot soups with just the right amount of texture, the Vitamix Pro 500 is the best option for your needs.

Still not convinced? Check out our other comparison guides, or our complete line of Vitamix Blenders to find the right Vitamix for your life.

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