Top Food Blogger Restaurant Raves
December 13, 2018

Top Food Blogger Restaurant Raves

Where better to get restaurant advice than the top Canadian food bloggers?  We've covered the Top 25 Canadian Food Bloggers in the past and thoroughly enjoy their perspective.  Let's take a look at the Canadian favourites of the food blogger world, what better way!

Valerie Lugonja is the Canadian Foodie we all trust.  Valerie’s website has it all!  Blogging her fave restaurants is just a mere portion of Valerie’s expertise.  Recipes, events, classes and even tax codes are expressed eloquently via Valerie’s reflective style.  Residing in Edmonton, Valerie enjoys discussing Canadian prairie cuisine in depth.  And, like all of us, she loves her Pizza as well!

Italian Centre Shop has risen like its wonderful dough into four locations throughout Edmonton.  Valerie states that this delightful dough is sold solo on Fridays and Saturdays.  Bringing this goodness home, one can concoct the perfect pizza or calzone.  As Valerie declares, just flour, water, yeast and salt make this the best in town!  Her go-to branch is the West End location at 17010 90 Avenue NW in Edmonton.  All things Italian are found at any of the four Italian Centre Shops.  From the weekly specials, deli, bar, bakery, and cucina, one can eat, drink, learn, and purchase anything one requires to get their Italian culture and cuisine in Canada.  If you are in, or near, Edmonton or Alberta, stop by and mangia!

True to her sense of adventure, Valerie leaves no Prairie restaurant un-visitied; this time, south of the border, she headed to the Black Sheep Café in Provo with her expecting daughter. They enjoyed a wide fare but started with a Canadian classic, Poutine. In Provo, at the Black Sheep, these are called Green Chile Frites, and while not quite Poutine, Valerie was willing to accept it as a good spin off.  At $8, these delectable fries are robust with green chile sauce, melted cheddar jack, crema, and sprinkled with green onions.  Valerie loves these!  Close, yet different, but just as good as poutine, these fries are a great starter before the Hog Jowl Tacos come to the table as the entrée.  If down in Utah, The Black Sheep Café is located at 19 N. University Ave in Provo.  Just a short walk from BYU.

Looking to make the authentic Poutine, check out our recipe here:  The Perfection of Poutine

Valerie has also discovered that golf courses such as Jagare Ridge Golf Cub located at 14931 9th Avenue Southwest in Edmonton.  They have one of the best Summer patio dining experiences around.  Since it's winter, one can book a Christmas party at this fantastic venue overlooking the Whitemud Creek Valley.  Or, as time flies, April will be the kick-off to another amazing golf season.  Her fave menu item here is the Tomato soup!  If you plan to be in the area, be sure to make a reservation as they are often booked but worth your while.

One of our favourite bloggers, with so many awards and accolades to her name is Amy Bronee.  Amy launched her blogging career in 2011, only to make it big time a short while later.  Amy resides in British Columbia, Victoria.  Around the beautiful city of Victoria, the food choices are endless.  Amy’s favourite bistro is Ferris’ at 536 Yates.  Downstairs at their Grill and Garden Patio, Amy adores the Piglet pulled pork sandwich.  When it’s a seafood lunch, Amy chooses to try the different catch of the days.  Prawns, salmon, to whatever the boat brings in from the morning’s catch, Ferris’ delivers!  The Nonna Marcella Penne with Pork Shoulder is another all-time favorite of Amy’s at Ferris’.

Going for an upscale dining experience takes Amy upstairs at Ferris’.  Chef and co-owner Dave Craggs grew up on Vancouver Island.  His knowledge of seafood is impeccable!  Combining Canadian, with Mediterranean, especially Spanish influences, Dave’s seafood selections can’t be beat when in Victoria.

Amy’s always ready to grab breakfast at MO: LE restaurant. Now with two locations.  One at 554 Pandora Ave, and the other at 2345 Millstream Road, both in Victoria.  The pesto potatoes here at MO: LE are divine according to Amy. The scrambled eggs are simple, yet the addition of a bit of cream cheese increases their value exponentially.

Barry Parsons of Rock Recipes inhabits to the east in St. John’s Newfoundland.  Barry has been blogging well over ten years now.  His accomplishments include three best-selling cookbooks. Barry also is a freelance food writer and proud father.  The regional food of the east coast is Barry’s domain.   Mallard Cottage is in St. John’s at 8 Barrows Road.  A go-to destination for Barry! Chef Todd Perrin’s whole animal, Newfoundland style approach is incredible.  All fresh and local here at Mallard Cottage.  Barry loves the appetizers and entrées.  But he lets us all know the buffet style cake table is where it’s at! Baked goodies with fresh berries is what Barry craves at the end of this dining experience.

Barry loves the pizza, and dessert, at Piatto Pizzeria and Enoteca.  Piatto’s is located at 377 Duckworth in Saint John’s.  Barry’s favorite is the Neapolitan pizza!  The thin crust pizzas with gourmet, creative, and fresh toppings are out of this world.  But, Barry also knows dessert like nobody else’s business.  And at Piatto’s, the Tortino al Limoncello is one of his all-time beloved desserts.

Angela Liddon of the “Oh She Glows” blog is one of the all-time best for those healthy vegans! And if you are fortunate enough to be in Oakville, try Paradiso! Paradiso has excellent Italian food.  Angela encourages all to try Paradiso’s Portobello mushroom steak with roasted, seasonal veggies in a balsamic glaze.  Not eating meat is easily accomplished when nature provides the beautiful dish.  Paradiso is located on 125 Lakeshore Road East.

aroma espresso bars” have been popping up throughout Toronto.  And rightfully so!  Angela states the warm chickpea salad (sans egg) is a great, quick and easy lunch when close to an aroma.  Many vegan and gluten free dishes are to be tried at aroma espresso bar.  Get the Matcha Latte with almond milk; Angela recommends.

Tara O’Brady is one of the most talented writers and bloggers out there.  Tara is from Southern Ontario.  Tara has written for many famous publications including Saveur and Parenting.  Tara stumbled upon the talents of Beth Rogers and Thayne Robstad, the married chefs at Hearth located at 2404 Melrose Avenue in Saskatoon.  At Hearth Tara explains, all things with mild mushrooms are a must try!  Their creative approach on Prairie cuisine is worth the drive!

On the same excursion, Tara ran into Joseph Szakacs who owns Black Heart Café in Iqaluit.  1405 Masak Court is home to this cappuccino serving, Native style café.  Tara writes try the Arctic Char when available.  And the beautifully blue-stained fish from the butterfly pea flower is something to see and taste!

These five talented bloggers, along with the additional exceptional men and women here in Canadian food blogging field add value and depth to all things food.  We are fortunate to have such wonderful thoughts, opinions, reviews, and recipes from these folks.  If in doubt about where to dine, or need a great, quick recipe; look towards the top Canadian food bloggers to save the day!