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Top Canadian Food Blogger Inspired Christmas Kitchen Gifts
December 19, 2018

Top Canadian Food Blogger Inspired Christmas Kitchen Gifts

Stumped on what to get your loved ones and friends for the holidays?  Or maybe you need a little Christmas wishlist inspiration to give to others so they have an idea of what to get you?  Whether giving, or looking to receive, the products are only here at Wiliams Food Equipment waiting to be discovered.

We compiled a list of 5 top Canadian blogger-inspired Christmas kitchen gift ideas that will give you clear and simple insight into the essentials of an everyday internet foodie extraordinaire!  

Holiday shopping can be tricky, but we’re on a mission to make it as simple and fun as possible! With tons of great deals on our site, including free shipping for orders over $100, what’s not to love this holiday season?  From cookware to cleaning supplies, and from storage to all your cutlery needs and in between, the products and value can’t be matched!

Le Creuset Dutch Oven CanadaFamily Bites  

Blogger Jan Scott of Family Bites lives in Toronto with her husband and three sons, where she’s mastered cooking for everyday living, get-togethers, and celebrations (with meals that always include something kids would like)!  Check out her zucchini waffles and DIY Mac n’ Cheese bar for reference!

A big advocate of making enough food for plenty of people, Jan often utilizes a dutch oven for soups, stews, chilis, pastas, and bakes— perfect for that someone in your life who loves to please others.  Place in the oven, or use on the stove, this durable tool works in all situations.

Shop our Le Creuset Dutch ovens section for great options and even greater Christmas deals here (like up to 40% off all Le Creuset sizes, styles and colors).


Emile Brique Ultimate 3qt Rectangular Bakereat. live. travel. write.

Blogger Mardi Michels is a global foodie who has particular interest in French Cuisine. A full-time French teacher in Toronto, she’s also the author of the Cookbook in the French Kitchen with Kids: Easy Everyday Dishes for the Whole Family to Make and Enjoy. Perhaps one of her most utilized skills is baking: pies, cookies, ratatouille, macarons, and ceramic bakeware,  Her go-to kitchen tool for whipping up her signature delights.

Shop our ceramic bakeware section for the best creme brulee pans, ruffled cake dishes, and ramekins in Canada.


Vitamix - Professional Series 750 Heritage Collection G-Series Blender, 2.2HP Oh She Glows

Angela Liddon might just be Canada’s top vegan blogger on the internet. With critical acclaim and awards recognizing her blog near and far, she follows a meat and dairy free lifestyle that she swears made a massive improvement on her health which made her, as a result, totally glow!

A huge fan of smoothies, smoothie bowls and juices (also sauces. Vegans love their sauces)!  Angela would agree that a blender is one of her most used kitchen tools to date.  Shop our Vitamix blenders section for the perfect color, size, and series! Great for everything hot and cold.  Whipping up a winters soup is easy after a great smoothie!

The Fig Tree Le Creuset - 2.1 L (2.25 QT) Cherry Saucier Pan

A hugely popular vegetarian blog, Courtney Rae Jones’s most popular post is Mom’s Famous Christmas Poppycock— or caramel corn, where she makes her very own homemade caramel sauce. Super ideal for the upcoming holiday season, casual movie night, and even just year-round.  Courtney also dabbles in lots of stovetop cooking beyond a delectable homemade caramel sauce, which makes shopping our Le Creuset Saucier Pans section for the vegetable sauté-er, sauce maker, and even grilled cheese lover in your life a great choice.

The Messy Baker  

Scratch cooking at its best and a lover of using seasonal ingredients, Charmian Christie of The Messy Baker heads a widely popular brand that has a cookbook out, and also caters! She makes note that you don’t even technically need the proper tools in the kitchen for cooking, because if it gets the job done, it works!''

Shop our bakeware section for Le Creuset cookie sheets, cake tins, and roasting pans that are great in using for more than for just one thing. Perfect for those with small kitchen spaces or prefer a minimalist lifestyle approach, these tools offer versatility and little, if any, clutter.

We hope you found this blog helpful.

Family oriented, fancy and foreign, vegan, snacking galore, and chill as ever baking. These top bloggers represent something for everyone and maybe even a little inspiration!  For even more ideas, read our Top 25 "Must Follow" Canadian Food Bloggers post for all the links to some awesome blogs and tweets on what Canada’s best online foodies have to offer.

And if you need more details and guidance on our super sweet Christmas time deals, read our last blog Your Ultimate Christmas Shopping Guide for a breakdown of how to save big, get free shipping, and get an inside look at what products are hot right this minute and selling out quick!  As always, thank you for reading and we wish you a very happy and food filled holiday season.

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