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Top 9 Cooking Trends From Our Favourite Canadian Bloggers
February 4, 2016

Top 9 Cooking Trends From Our Favourite Canadian Bloggers

We all have classic meals and tricks we swear by, but it’s also important to switch it up in the kitchen from time to time. Avoid cooking boredom by incorporating some blogger-approved kitchen trends into your family’s meal plan - from popular products to savvy methods, and more. These new tips, healthy ingredients, and innovative tricks will help bring excitement back into your kitchen.

Let’s dive into some of our favourite Canadian food blogs who are up to date with, or even setting, the latest food trends.

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1. Seaweed is the New Kale

Seaweed isn’t just for sushi anymore. Just like kale and spinach, it’s a dark green, leafy vegetable full of calcium, antioxidants, and other beneficial nutrients. There are many types of seaweed for you to enjoy - try kelp in a salad, wake in a soups or a variety of other delicious competitions!

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2. Perfect Pickling

Pickling is a great way to conserve food and make the most of what you’ve got - and it’s all the rage in 2016! Instead of letting good vegetables go to waste, try pickling them in innovative combinations. You’ll stretch your dollars a little further, without missing out on the vitamins. Get creative and start pickling!

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3. The Farm To Table Movement

More and more foodies are making the conscious move towards eating local. Knowing where food comes from is an important part of consuming responsibly. The farm-to-table movement is about avoiding processed foods, and corporate producers, by buying food at a local farm and serving it fresh on the table!

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4. Drinking Your Meals Through Juicing

Juicing has become a popular trend. Juicers are flying off the shelves as people have taken up the art of making their own juice and drinking their vegetables. There are so many great recipes that help turn food into beverages for people who are looking for a refreshing way to have more fruits and veggies.

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5. Breakfast Cereals in Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks

Foodies are enjoying breakfast cereals in recipes for lunch and dinner. Many cereals are excellent sources of fibre, protein and vitamins - so why not fully take advantage of their benefits throughout the rest of the day? With advice from our foodies you can enjoy cereal from breakfast to dinner - all day long.

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6. 30 Minute Meals

After a long day it's hard to motivate yourself to cook a good meal. Luckily many foodies have created recipes that make cooking quick and easy. You shouldn’t have to slave over the stove all afternoon to enjoy a delicious dinner. These quick and easy recipes allow you to make a great dinner without the hassle.

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7. All About Amaranth

Healthy seeds have been appearing in more and more meals. But this year: Quinoa is out and Amaranth is in. Similar to quinoa, it’s a small seed that is chock-full of nutrients like amino acids, protein and fibre. It cooks quickly and is so versatile it works in soups, stir-fries, salads, pastas and more.

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8. Artisanal Tacos

Foodies are taking interesting spins on a family favourite! Many are moving away from traditional beef and cheese tacos and are incorporating new ingredients to make them fresh, personalized, and full of surprises. There are even plenty of vegan and vegetarian possibilities, and make a great dish for entertaining!

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9. Creative Oatmeals

Avoid boring breakfasts by mixing up your oatmeal. Food bloggers feature all kinds of flavourful oatmeal ideas that will give your tastebuds a pop, and fuel your tank for the whole morning. You can substitute ingredients you love to make your new breakfast routine something exciting and comforting to wake up to!

Try this:


Following these great Canadian food blogs will have you all caught up on the latest trends in cooking and eating. Your tastebuds - and your family’s - will thank you! Whether you’re adjusting to a new type of diet, or just trying to improve your existing methods, these blogs will help you on your way to healthy, happy and trendy eating!