Top 25 "Must Follow" Canadian Food Bloggers
July 21, 2015

Top 25 "Must Follow" Canadian Food Bloggers

Blogging about food has become a national pastime for Canadians. Thanks to social media, many people are posting pictures of their favourite dishes and sharing their recipes and ideas. The following 25 blogs are just a taste of what Canadian foodies have to offer.

From coast to coast, Canadians are sharing their love of food through traditional or inventive meal ideas, while adding their own unique personalities to their personal blogs.

Check out these delicious foodie blogs that will tantalize your tastebuds and have you racing to your kitchen or local market!


1. A Canadian Foodie

Canadian Foodie
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Valerie Lugonja centres her love of food and cooking style around traditional Canadian Prairie cuisine. Her award-winning blog features a variety of recipes for all seasons, from breakfast to dessert. Her foodie philosophy is simple: she believes when food is made in the home for family and friends, the time spent cooking and enjoying a meal together helps create and build long-lasting relationships. Valerie’s focus on authentic Prairie recipes is a truly Canadian way of keeping beloved traditions alive for all generations.

2. Simple Bites

Simple Bites
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Aimée Wimbush-Bourque created her Canadian food blog to be family friendly. She focuses on bringing everyone to the table to enjoy homemade meals, as well as offering honest tips for cooking with children. Aimée’s desire is to help Canadian foodies prepare unprocessed, wholesome, and delicious meals locally and seasonally. Her encouragement and honesty in her cooking tutorials has helped her blog win awards and appreciation from Canadians coast to coast.

3. Family Feedbag

Family Feedbag
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Amy Bronee writes her foodie blog from her family home in Victoria, BC. Everything is homemade; Amy creates, prepares and serves every recipe that is featured on her award-winning blog. Amy also features many canning recipes and has easy-to-follow tutorials for beginners who may find canning scary. Her focus is simple: where does food actually come from and how do Canadians prepare it in a fun, easy-to-follow way to create memories and traditions.

4. Rock Recipes

Rock Recipes
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Barry Parsons has hundreds of recipes listed, from breakfast to dessert, that he has either created on his own or has added his personal Newfoundland flair. Barry photographs each culinary creation to accompany his vast archive of delicious meals and updates his popular foodie blog regularly. If you want to add an East Coast twist to your favourite dish, Rock Recipes is sure to have it.

5. Family Bites

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Jan Scott specializes in event planning and preparing fun meals for kids. Many of her recipes focus on family get-togethers and celebrations for all festivities. Jan’s blog is great for party and food ideas. One of her more popular tutorials is a DIY Mac’n’Cheese bar - a Canadian favourite, of course!

6. 80Twenty

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Kris Osborne’s food blog is gorgeous to look at. Kris’ photographs of her delicious meals would inspire almost every Canadian to recreate one of her recipes at home. Her foodie philosophy is eating nourishing food 80 per cent of the time and eating whatever we want 20 per cent of the time. Her recipes are a harmonious balance between good food and what’s good for us.

7. Sweet Potato Chronicles

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Laura Keogh and Ceri Marsh team up for this foodie blog devoted to family meals. Laura and Ceri know that kids’ likes and dislikes change as they grow up. This blog follows these ups and downs in an honest, yet hilarious way as they know how parents try to get dinner on the table. Their recipes have a fun take on easy, nutritious meals that even the busiest parent can manage.

8. Living Lou

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Louisa Clements is only 22 years old and her food blog showcases her Toronto-style living. Lou, as she prefers to be called, is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and her blog is full of simple, yet tasty meals. She has a section devoted to 5 ingredient recipes, which is very handy for those who are just starting out living on their own.

9. eat. live. travel. write.

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Mardi Michaels writes about her culinary adventures, both near and far. Many of her recipes feature French cuisine, which is a passion of hers as she is a full-time French teacher in Toronto. Her French Friday recipes will surely inspire your inner Julia Child!

10. Sweetopia

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Marian Poirier has a passion for all things sweet. Marian’s sugar art is incredible and her photographs of cookies, cakes and pastries will bring a sweet smile to everyone. There are tutorials for icing and design, as well a page dedicated to baking terms. Marian certainly sweetens the average chocolate chip cookie recipe.

11. sweetsugarbean

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Renée Kohlman combines her three favourite things in her blog: cooking, food photography and writing. Her cooking mantra is butter always, never margarine! Renée’s recipes feature local, organic and natural ingredients, and she documents her culinary adventures in her little green kitchen.

12. Clockwork Lemon

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Stephanie Eddy is passionate about baking. Each recipe includes honest how-tos and pictures to help keep check for even the most advanced baker. Stephanie also includes her travels and writes about her many adventures both in and out of the kitchen.

13. Crumb

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Isabelle Boucher loves to create her recipes from ingredients found in her own garden and from her local market. Her humour is evident throughout her blog as she is the first to admit that not every ingredient is from scratch, as she quips about making puff pastry a “surefire path to insanity.” Isabelle is active within the Canadian food blog community and shares her favourite tips and tricks from it.

14. Dinner with Julie

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Julie Van Rosendaal created her food blog in response to recipe requests for “real meals.” As a food and nutrition columnist on the Calgary Eyeopener on CBC Radio One, Julie’s followers are avid followers of her well-written blog. She incorporates her travels with her recipes, and features local cuisine at every stop in her adventures.

15. seven spoons

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Tara O’Brady is a brilliant writer and includes her favourite recipes with every story. Her stunning photographs and blog have been featured many times over in the media, so don’t miss out in finding your new favourite food on seven spoons.

16. Nervous Chef

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Monica Reyes started her blog to showcase her need to tackle complicated recipes. In her 20s, Monica had very little stocked in her fridge and she wanted to expand her culinary skills. This blog chronicles Monica’s journey with fantastic writing and funny tidbits from her adventures in the kitchen.

17. Seasons and Suppers

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Jennifer loves to cook simple, seasonal meals that are delicious and delightful to look at. Her recipes cover all meal ideas and are written for the more experienced cook in the kitchen. If you’re up for a challenge, Jennifer’s seasonal suppers are the way to go.

18. oh she glows

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Angela Liddon has created one of the most popular Canadian food blogs with her easy-to-follow and delicious vegan recipes. Angela chronicles her passion for healthy living and shares her advice, stories and cooking tidbits on her award-winning blog. Angela is definitely one of Canada’s top food bloggers to follow.

19. Bacon is Magic

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Ayngelina Brogan is a culinary travel writer. She travelled the world, followed her stomach and has tasted ethnic and traditional foods from all over. Ayngelina is now situated in Toronto, where she lives with the love of her life, who happens to be a professional chef. Ayngelina’s blog is a beautiful story of combining her passions of travel and food.

20. The Recipe Rebel

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Ashley loves to cook and bake… her way. She is the first to admit that her measurements are eyeballed and her dry ingredients aren’t sifted, but her family and friends love the meals she prepares and that’s all that really matters to Ashley. Her blunt honesty and beautiful food photographs make this up-and-coming food blog a definite one to follow.

21. Let's Om Nom

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Cindy is from Edmonton and loves to promote the local restaurants and food vendors through her photographs and reviews. Her blog is popular and is considered an authority for people living in and visiting her beloved Canadian city. Cindy is not afraid to try any type of food, and is willing to share her thoughts about all the splendid food Edmonton has to offer.

22. Flavor Town Adventures

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Sean loves to blog about his food adventures in Vancouver. He is a regular contributor for The Food Network’s Eat St and documents his food truck adventures with delicious looking photographs. Sean is not afraid to try new flavours and his reviews of the local vendors are popular with Vancouverites.

23. The Fig Tree

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Courtney Rae Jones’ blog is all about veggies. Her recipes are inspired from around the world and showcases that vegetarians really do have a lot of fun in the kitchen. Courtney’s blog categorizes her recipes by global, seasonal and ingredient influences, and is full of endless vegetarian delights.

24. The Messy Baker

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Charmian Christie specializes in “approachable, inspiring, from-scratch cooking.” Her award-winning blog is fun and offers many recipes that would inspire even the most inexperienced cook. Each post has a beautiful photo of the most mouth-watering meals that could be created in your home kitchen.

25. Hidden Ponies

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Anna Nienhuis loves to share her collection of simple, tried-and-true recipes for families. Anna loves food and loves to cook favourite dishes for her family, and has shared her thoughts and ideas through her easy-to-follow recipes. This is a great blog for traditional home-cooked comfort meals for all Canadians to enjoy.

These 25 Canadian food bloggers know their stomachs. From local restaurant reviews to adventures in their own kitchens, these foodies know their stomachs and feed themselves through a growing community of people who love to share their passion for food.