The Perfection of Poutine
July 5, 2018

The Perfection of Poutine

"ça va faire une maudite poutine!"

“It will make a damn mess”

Fernand Lachance squawked this at his local patron in 1957 after being asked to lob some cheese curds onto some fries.  Jean-Paul Roy in 1964 was dishing out the patates, cheesy goodness, and special sauce to the folks so he concluded via his registered trademark and patent.  Princevilles’s La Petite Vache believe they are are in the Poutine Originators discussion with their Mixte.  So…It’s up in the air who gets the real dibs on this creative Canadian classic.  We all know that blessed trinity of fried potatoes, snappy salty curds, and that culpable gravy makes anyone and everyone want to snatch a fork and dig in!

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The Recipe is simple yet superb! Jennifer from Seasons and Suppers provides us this great approach to Poutine perfection:

Poutine Gravy:   3 Tbsp cornstarch •     2 Tbsp water •   6 Tbsp unsalted butter •   1/4 cup unbleached AP flour •   20 oz beef broth •   10 oz chicken broth & Pepper, to taste of course.

For Deep Fried Potatoes:  Peanut oil is best.  Highest holder of the heat.  Use good ol’ Russet tators cut in quarters, then half those for nice steak fries.

Toppings: 1 - 1 1/2 cups white cheddar cheese curds (Or torn chunks of mozzarella cheese would be the closest substitiute)

Gravy it up by, guess what, making that GBD (Golden brown and delicious) roux.  We like Jennifer’s style here using 6 tablespoons unsalted butter melted down.  Add its partner in crime, the AP (All Purpose) Flour.  A quarter cup will suffice.  Give that stuff a nice tan, but don’t burn the goodness to a bad bitterness…Now, add to the pool the 10 ounces of chicken broth, 20 ounces of the beef broth for richness, and the three tablespoons cornstarch you have set aside previously diluted in two tablespoons of water.  Simmer that savory sauce for three to five minutes to thicken.  Adding lots of pepper sounds great! Salt as needed.  Feel free to experiment, but we are keeping it traditional this time.

For our famous fries, cut into quarters and half those quarters.  Submerge those in some ice water for at least an hour or two to remove the sticky starch.  When we are good to go, try hard to dry the potatoes as much as possible on a towel.  The oil should have been heated to 300 degrees by now in our deep fryer.  Run those patates around for five minutes.  Throw on a wire rack to drain a bit while you increase the temperature to 375.  This move gives them their crispy casing with the flakey interiors we all yearn for!  Salt.

Time for the real fun!  Seize a metal or glass big bowl.  Heave those fries in.  Now drizzle a good heap of that great gravy.  We all know what’s next: CHEESE CURDS! Habitate those creamy, squeaky lil delights with its two buddies.  Now add even more gravy(Don’t skimp here…Calories Shmalories..).  A fork, napkin and yourself or others are now ready to enjoy maybe one of the greatest dishes on planet Earth (In my opinion).