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Take Advantage of the Christmas Sales
October 19, 2018

Take Advantage of the Christmas Sales

With Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s on the horizon, it’s time to buckle down, focus, and throw money at presents, food, plane tickets, decorations, and booze.

But with family, friends, kids, co-workers, and the like, how do you justify what to get? How does one spend, after all? Money, unfortunately, does not grow on trees.

Have no fear, the savings guru is here!

Below, I’ve compiled a brief list of how to use our sale items to your advantage because we all need to budget and save up for the upcoming Christmas season. I know I do!

holiday savings at Williams Food Equipment

Vitamix Blender: Professional Series 750 Heritage Collection G-Series Blender, 2.2HP - 59344

Vitamix blender for your home chef needs.

How Much You Save: 20% Off!

WAS:  $849 IS NOW: $699

Creative Ways to Use it:  Not sure any home chef really needs creative ways to use this kitchen supply work horse.  You can create your favorite morning smoothie or a sauce for your favorite dish.  Looking to stuff your chef inspired pastries with a fancy filling, rely on your Vitamix Blender to give you the speed and blade acuity to deliver the smooth consistency you are looking for in your pastry filling.  Williams Food Equipment stands behind their price match guarantee on all Vitamix Blenders.  Check out our full line of Vitamix Blenders to see which one meets your cooking needs best.  To see our Vitamix Blender Buying Guide, check out our experts review of the Vitamix Blender product line.  Williams Food Equipment price matches on Vitamix Blenders.

Le Creuset - 6.9 L (7.25 QT) Cherry French Round Dutch Oven - LS2501-2867

Le-Creuset Toronto

How Much You Save:  Over 30% Off!

WAS:  $470 IS NOW: $349.99

Creative Ways to Cook in your Le Creuset round, dutch oven:  One of our favourite recipes is the World's Best Lasagna to layer in traditional noodles or go creative and use a mixture of different noodles that layer your cheese mixture and sauce layers inside your Le Creuset dutch oven.  Get it now>>

View the entire Le Creuset product line available at Williams Food Equipment, your Canadian kitchen supply store.

AccuSharp - Pull-Through Knife Sharpener - 037CAccuSharp Pull-through knife Sharpener

How Much You Save: 25% Off!

WAS $40.00 IS NOW $29.99

Creative Ways to Use It: Of course, my mind goes to cookies first! How? Sharpen a small knife and use it to evenly slice fondant, adding some fun and festive detail to whatever you’re making. Jack-O-Lantern cookies? Santa cookies? Maybe snowflake ones? The possibilities are endless and the power of great detail is in your hands. Use that same small knife to add gorgeous lines and shapes to the top crust of your favorite pie or cake! Sharp fillet knives will allow you to cut fish with precision ease, while a sharpened chef’s knife will allow easy mincing, chopping, and slicing. Time to put on that holiday chef’s hat and get to work!  Get it now>>

Halloween cookies

Vitamix Blender - Ascent Series A3500 Stainless Steel with 5 Presets & Timer

Vitamix Blenders help with all your holiday cooking needs. How Much You Save: 10% Off!

WAS $819.95 IS NOW $749.99

Great For:  As Winter is here and days are shorter, we are all looking for ways to save time and be more efficient.  In many ways we look to meal time to cut.  While we should never cut the time we spend with family, we can improve that time by decreasing work load in the evening.  Your Vitamix Ascent Series, A500 is perfect for making your favourite soup recipes.  From spllt pea to tomato basil soup, you can meal prep and make many different soups in this work horse.  Prep, cook, freeze - and voila, easy dinners you can heat up on the stove in minutes.  Add a pre-made rising loaf of bread for dunking and boom, great winter dinner without the hassle.  Check out the Vitamix A3500 Blender now>>

All-Clad - 10 Pc d5 Polished Stainless Cookware SetAll clad pan set on sale for the holidays

How Much You Save: 35% Off!

WAS $1499.99 IS NOW $949.99

Great For: Holiday dinners. Holiday brunches. Lunches. Breakfasts. Snacks. Anytime you, friends, and family get together for a hardy feast! Saute vegetables, make apple cider, butternut squash soup, cranberry sauce, flip cinnamon roll pancakes, scramble fluffy eggs, fry french toast, and more! Even better? It’s a tradition you don’t have to keep for just the holidays. Utilize your cookware year round for plentiful meals spent with good company. What will you bring to the party?  Get it now>>

Holiday sale on All-clad 10 piece pots and pans set.

Cuisinart Vertical Waffle MakerVertical Waffle Maker on sale for the holiday.

How Much You Save: 45% Off!

WAS $129.99 IS NOW $69.99

Great For: To be honest, all I can think of are sweet, indulgent breakfast waffles to eat on Christmas Day with the family. Cool whip and berries is always a delectable and classic bet. Maybe throw on some powdered sugar to top it off with perfection? A little more daring, are red velvet waffles with drizzled on cream cheese icing, chocolate waffles, and brownie batter or cookie waffles with a scoop of your favorite ice cream (more of a dessert, but you get the deal...plus I def wouldn’t complain about eating that for breakfast hehehe) YUM!  Get it now>>


Ooni - 3 Portable Wood-Fired Oven with Stone Baking Board - UUNI3Ooni Home Pizza Oven

How Much You Save: OVER 10% Off!

WAS $450  IS NOW $399.99

Great For: Cooking your favourite and most impossible pizza to get at the parlour.  Add all the toppings you want - no one will judge!

Uuni 3 gets up to 900°F which enables you to cook things really fast. You can make a stone-baked, wood-fired pizza in just 90 seconds! It’s also not just for pizza; you can cook flatbreads, fish, vegetables, steaks or really anything that enjoys short cooking times.  Shop Ooni Pizza Ovens now>>

Zwilling J.A. Henckels - Sorrento Double Wall 414mL Beer Glass Set - 39500-214Zwilling J.A. Henckels Sorrento Double Walled Glasses

How Much You Save: 50% OFF

WAS $60 IS NOW $29.99

Great For: Impressing your guests with these Zwilling J.A. Henckels Sorrento Double Wall Beer Glass set that will keep your beverages cold or hot while watching your favourite sporting event!

This set consists of two borosilicate double walled beer glasses (414 ml / 14 oz.) . This material is insensitive to temperature fluctuations and is therefore ideal for both hot and cold drinks and is light yet strong. Each glass has perfect functionality, keeping hot drinks hot and cold items cold. Shop Zwilling J.A. Henckels Beer Glasses Now>>

Search results for 'OXO - Good Grips 5.8L (6.2QT) Salad Spinner - 1351580CL'OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner

How Much You Save: OVER 25% OFF

WAS $48 IS NOW $34.99

Great For:  For fast and easy salad preparation, try the award-winning OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner. Simply press the soft, non-slip knob to start the basket spinning. Easy, one-handed operation makes this Salad Spinner a pleasure to use, and a built-in brake stops the Salad Spinner immediately for easy unloading. The bowl doubles as an elegant serving bowl and a non-slip base keeps the bowl steady on the countertop, even through vigorous spinning at top speeds. The lid comes apart for easy, thorough cleaning and is flat for convenient storage.

The basket can be removed and used separately as a colander.  The flat lid allows for easy storage when not in use. This Salad Spinner has a large 6.22 qt bowl with a 4.95 qt basket and is top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and BPA free.  Shop now for OXO Salad Spinners now!>>

Trudeau - Laguiole 6 Pack Pakkawood Steak Knives - 0973046

How Much You Save: OVER 35% OFFTrudeau Laguiole Steak Knives

WAS $80 IS NOW $49.99

Great For: These steak knives are great for delicately slicing through your favorite filet mignon, poultry or pork.  With the holidays upon us, you will need some cutlery to use at your holiday dinners.  These steak knives come in an elegant storage case that will protect them between uses and keep them looking brand new.  Purchase a set of these Trudeau - Laguiole 6 Pack Pakkawood Steak Knives today.

Connoisseurs of culinary good taste know that when it comes to knives, only those of the highest quality craftsmanship make the cut. Inspired by Laguiole, the French village where knifemaking is a way of life and craftsmanship is passed from generation to generation, the Laguiole Steak Knives Set is an outstanding product of artisanal heritage and performance. With elegant, hand-finished handles and forged and serrated 30CR13(420) stainless steel full tang blades, the set of 6 Laguiole Steak Knives represents a slice of prestige both on your table and as a sharp gift. The well-balanced handles come in a striking finish and all feature the iconic hand-stamped Laguiole "bee" symbol- the true mark of excellence. Show your edge and stay a cut above with these six classic knives.  Get your Trudeau Steak Knives now>>

AccuSharp - Classic Knife and Tool Sharpener - 001FS

How Much You Save: 30% OFFAccuSharp Knife Sharpener

WAS $19.99 IS NOW $13.99

Great For:  The AccuSharp Knife Sharpener is great for sharpening knives and tools that have a blade that can be sharpened!  The AccuSharp Knife Sharpener is the easiest knife and tool sharpening tool I have used to date in this price range.  AccuSharp Knife Sharpener

The AccuSharp Knife Sharpener lets you sharpen most blades in around 10 seconds.  AccuSharp fits neatly in either hand to accommodate both right- and left-handed users, and it includes a full-length guard that protects your fingers throughout the sharpening process. These knife sharpeners are made from tungsten carbide and are of high grade industrial quality and are one of the hardest materials known.  Get it now at this incredible price>>

OXO - Good Grips All-Purpose Clips, Set of 4 - 13141700G

How Much You Save: 33% OFFOXO Good Grips Clips

WAS $15.00 IS NOW $9.99

Great For:  These OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Clips are some of the most versatile clips I use. With the holidays upon us, grab a set of these clips to use on leftover Halloween candy, Thanksgiving snacks, or Christmas goodies.  Not only are these clips great for closing your snack or chip bags, the colors are beautiful and there is a magnet on the back of each clip, letting you hang up your child's holiday artwork on the fridge!  You are sure to earn some points with the kiddies!OXO Good Grips Clips

The OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Clips are soft, comfortable and with non-slip touchpoints and openings hold items securely be it a bag of chips or artwork on the fridge!  OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Clips are durable clips that securely close bags of snacks, frozen foods and other items.  They are non-slip for a secure grip and can be hung from nail, hook or peg using the convenient hanging hole. Buy OXO Clips now>>

Fox Run - Set of 4 English Muffin Rings - 4685

NOW $7.99Fox Run English Muffin Rings

Great For: Looking for a fun way to eat breakfast?  These muffin rings are for you!  These rings give English muffins their characteristic shape.  They are often preheated with the griddle, then batter is spooned into them and the muffins are cooked on one side before the rings are removed and the muffins flipped over to finish cooking. Packaged four to a box, the rings can also be used to make perfectly round pancakes and sunny-side up eggs, or they can double as biscuit cutters.  The cutters measure 2.5 x 20.6 x 20.6 cm. Shop now for English Muffin Rings>>

Fox Run - Marble Cheese Slicer - 3841

How Much You Save: 20% OFFMarble Cheese Slicer

WAS $24.99 IS NOW $19.99

Great For: Let's be honest, when it comes to slicing cheese, a regular knife will not do.  If it is a soft cheese, using a regular knife will just mangle the slice and leave cheese leftover on the counter or cutting board. It is almost impossible to cut the cheese the same way using a knife, that is why this Fox Run Marble Cheese Slicer is perfect for all your cheese slicing needs!  Slice both hard and soft cheeses quickly and cleanly with the durable stainless steel wire.  The marble base keeps the cheese at a nice, cool temperature. Rubber feet reduces movement and slips for easy slicing.  It not only cuts through the hardest cheeses it makes a great accessory to any table or bar counter!

The Fox Run Marble Cheese Slicer comes with two replacement wires, the base measures 8-Inches wide and 5-Inches deep and has protective, non-slip rubber-feet.  BUY NOW AT THIS GREAT PRICE>>

Lodge - 16.75" x 9.5" Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Griddle - LDP3CN

How Much You Save: OVER 5% OFF

WAS $77.99 IS NOW $70.99Lodge Cast Iron Griddle

Great For:  What could be better than a reversible griddle? The smooth side is great for making grilled cheese sandwiches as well as eggs and pancakes The ribbed side is perfect for grilling foods such as steak, fish, chicken and hamburgers.  This Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron grill does not need initial seasoning as it is already seasoned and ready to use after purchase.  It is also great to use on all cooking surface, as well as, grills, campfires and is oven safe! This Lodge Reversible grill lets the cook in you sauté,sear, fry, bake and stir fry to heart’s content.

As a cook, you will want to maintain your grill by "Seasoning" it after every use.  "Seasoning" isn't salt and pepper, but vegetable oil baked onto the iron at a high temperature. Seasoning creates the natural, easy-release properties. The more you cook, the better it gets.  And, because you create, maintain, and even repair the “seasoning”, your cookware can last 100 years or more. Chemical non-stick coating cannot be repaired, limiting lifespan.

Cleaning your Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill is a snap! Hand wash. Dry immediately—even before first use. Rub with a light coat of vegetable oil after every wash.  How much oil? Enough to restore the sheen, without being “sticky”. Why? To keep the iron “seasoned” and protected from moisture.  BUY NOW>>

OXO - Good Grips Grilling Tongs & Turner Set - 1063494BK

How Much You Save: OVER 40% OFF         OXO Good Grips Grilling Tool Set

WAS $34.99 IS NOW $19.99

Great For:  Perfect for lifting cookies or flipping omelets, the nylon flexible turner is heat resistant to 400°F / 204°C without warping or discoloration.  This grilling tongs and turner set is sure to make your cooking and grilling needs easier.  The OXO Good Grips Grilling Tongs and Turner Set can be used with any counter top grills, griddles or for use on your outside bar-b-que.  This set includes 9'' Tongs with Nylon Heads, Nylon Flexible Turner and Spatula

This handy set features nylon- and silicone-based tools that are gentle on non-stick cookware. The Spatula has a heat resistant silicone head. The Turner and stainless steel Tongs have heat resistant nylon heads, and the Tongs lock closed for convenient storage. The stainless steel tongs have nylon heads that are heat resistant to 40F / 204°C and lock closed for convenient storage. The spatula has a silicone head that is heat resistant to 600°F / 315°C and won't discolor, warp or melt. BUY NOW AT THIS GREAT PRICE>>

Zwilling J.A. Henckels - Sorrento Double Wall 80mL Espresso Glass Set - 39500-075

How Much You Save: OVER 45% OFF         Zwilling JA Henckels Sorrento Espresso Glasses

WAS $28.00 IS NOW $14.99

Great For: With the temperatures falling, these double walled borosilicate glass espresso glasses are for you!  Because they are double walled, there is no condensation, which means no more rings on your table!  They keep drinks hot or cold.  Don't drink espresso, not a problem, use these 80 mL glasses for such things as dessert shots, when you want to give your guests just a little bit of sweetness!  These espresso glasses are also great for serving a "shot" of soup that can be used for an appetizer at large parties, such as, bridal showers, baby showers and more!

These Zwilling J.A. Henckels Sorrento Double Wall Espresso glasses are also lightweight, durable and resistant hand-made, blown glass.  Dishwasher safe.  The set consists of 2 Espresso glasses.  BUY NOW AT THIS GREAT PRICE>>

Silpat - Half Sheet Non-Stick Baking Mat - 0221

How Much You Save: NOW 25% OFF         Silpat Half Sheet Non-Stick Baking Mat

WAS $40.00 IS NOW $29.99

Great For:  With the holidays approaching it is time to get out our baking equipment and start filling up the house with aromas of days past!  The most popular non-stick baking item ever invented, the SILPAT is a must for any patisserie chef or home baker. SILPAT can turn any pan into a non-stick surface. Just place the SILPAT on a cookie sheet or pan. SILPAT is especially great for working with sticky materials such as gooey batter, taffy, caramel, or anything your imagination allows. I use this mat on the counter for rolling and cutting out cookies, and rolling out my dough with no slip.  Also keeps flower where it needs to be on the mat and not all over the counter!  Use SILPAT instead for any baking recipe that calls for parchment paper.  Nothing sticks to SILPAT, so it will save you a lot of time cleaning as there is no more sticky mess on your pans.   This saves money and creates less waste for our environment.Silpat Non-Stick Baking Mat

For half size, 13" x 18" sheet pan. Can be used at temperatures varying from -40°C to 250°C (-40°F to 482°F). SILPAT never needs greasing, which saves both time and money. BUY NOW>>

Microplane - Black Zester - Grater Fine - 40020

How Much You Save: OVER 30% OFF!Microplane Black Zester

WAS $26.99, NOW $17.99

Great For:  This microplane zester is the tool every cook needs in their arsenal!  Zest up some lemons or limes to add some flavour to your culinary creations.  Finely grate ginger or cinnamon and other spices to your coffees, desserts or any food needing a little zing with this stainless steel zester.  This zester also grates hard cheeses, such as, parmesan that once grated will be fluffy and light to add to any pasta dish!  Zest adds flavor to vinaigrettes, stir fries, salads, and baked goods! Change your life, with a little zest!  Razor sharp edges and dishwasher safe! BUY NOW>>

All-Clad - 6.5 QT Electrics Stainless Steel Electric Slow Cooker - SD700450

How Much You Save: NOW OVER 20% OFF        All Clad Slow Cooker for all of your cooking needs

WAS $250.00 IS NOW $189.99

Great For: This All-Clad Electric Slow Cooker is ideal for every meal from appetizers to desserts. The oval-shaped slow cooker offers exceptional versatility when it comes to making healthy, delicious meals at home. This slow cooker’s easy-to-read digital display and 26-hour programmable timer allows for prepping ahead of time and walking away. Your unit will slow cook food to perfection while you are busy at work or out running errands. Use the buttons on the control panel to choose from three temperature settings: warm, low, or high. Your food stays at an ideal serving temperature after cooking thanks to the automatic keep warm function. So come home to dinner ready and waiting with this 6.5 Qt. fully programmable SD700450 slow cooker from All-Clad.

The All-Clad slow cooker has riveted stainless-steel handles on the base and integrated handles on the insert allow for a secure hold and easy transport, while the cooker’s tempered glass lid traps in heat and moisture and allows for at-a-glance monitoring. The slow cooker's black ceramic insert lifts out of the base for use at the table for serving and can go in the dishwasher, along with the lid, for quick cleanup. With its polished stainless-steel body and large 6-1/2-quart capacity, the All-Clad slow cooker not only presents beautifully, but it’s also the perfect size to accommodate a larger family or a group of people when entertaining. BUY NOW AT THIS GREAT PRICE>>

All-Clad - Stainless Steel Immersion Hand Blender - KZ750DGT

How Much You Save: NOW OVER 20% OFF        All-Clad Immersion Hand Blender

WAS $129.99 IS NOW $100.00

Great For:  This All Clad Immersion Hand Blender is great for all kinds of cooking uses and a great tool to own.  Put your immersion blender to work--great for breaking down tomatoes for tomato sauce, pureeing vegetables for soups, making milkshakes, salad dressings, baby food, mayo, and whipped cream to name a few.  The possibilities are endless!  Its powerful motor blends foods in seconds. You can count on this kitchen workhouse for customized functionality - use it for everything from pureeing big batches of soups and sauces to chopping nuts.  

This All-Clad Stainless Steel Immersion Hand Blender is 9 1/4" extra long driveshaft reaches easily into deep bowls and pots. Extra powerful motor guarantees the power you need for largAll-Clad Immersion Hand Blendere jobs. Variable speed dial and turbo buttons give you precise control. Stainless steel construction and breaks down easily for cleaning and storage. Ergonomic grip provides a firm, comfortable grip. BUY NOW>>



Danesco - Jarkey-Frost Jar Opener - 1622126

How Much You Save: OVER 20% OFF!JarKey Jar Lid Opener

WAS $8.99, NOW $6.99

Great For:  Opening those jars filled with holiday treats, bottles that will not open, purchase the World's Easiest Jar Opener -- the JarKey!  Open tight jars easily and effortlessly.  No more pain when trying to open an extremely tight jar lid!  The JarKey is a jar opener that opens jars, not by twisting the lid, but by lifting the edge of it, so that the vacuum inside is released. When the vacuum is released, it is easy to unscrew the lid.  So easy, anyone can use it!  Easy on your hands and wrists and comes in multiple colors!

BUY AT TJarKey Jar Opener Multiple ColorsHIS NEW LOW PRICE>>




Staub - 1.9 QT Black Petite Rice Cocotte-40509-655

How Much You Save: 40% OFF!Staub Black Petite Cocotte

WAS $250.00, NOW $149.00

Great For:  Make hearty stews, soups, tender grains and amazing slow cooked meals with Staub's new Petite French Oven!  The petite French oven has all of the benefits of a full-size cocotte but in a compact size. This fabulous cooking vessel can also be used to braise, bake, fry, sauté, and even boil!  Thanks to Staub's signature lid, chistera indentations on the lid recirculates moisture to keep food's natural flavours. The chistera lid technology distributes moisture through-out the cocotte for fluffy, airy, moist and delicious results. Cook any meal and take it straight to the table. The vintage design takes you back in time to when cooking and life was simpler!

This cocotte is specially formulated with a black matte interior enamel which contains traces of quartz, giving it additional heat resistance and a rougher surface resulting in better browning of foods.   It is dishwasher safe, though hand washing is recommended.  Choice of two colors, Black or Grey!  ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME>>

Staub - 1.9 QT Grey Petite Rice Cocotte - 40509-703

Staub Grey Petite Cocotte

Wellness Mats - 3' x 2' Original Black - 32WMRBLK

How Much You Save: 20% OFF!Wellness Mat 3'x2'

WAS $161.99, NOW $129.95

Great For: With the holidays upon us, who isn't dreading the long hours of standing on our feet cooking our favourite culinary creations?  Well now, there is help on the horizon!  Say hello to comfort and goodbye to back, knee, and foot pain. Our revolutionary anti-fatigue floor mats are ergonomically engineered and medically proven to provide unsurpassed comfort, safety, relief, and support while you stand, wherever you stand. Designed and engineered with revolutionary and proprietary Advanced Polyurethane Technology (APT), WellnessMats features a remarkably elastomeric and resilient core, that offers 50% more cushioning than other mats in the category, making them dramatically different from other anti-fatigue mats on the market today.

These mats will never delaminate and that the unmatched comfort and longevity of all WellnessMats are permanently locked into every fiber. WellnessMats offer the most comprehensive customer satisfaction guarantee in the industry – an enviable seven (yes, 7) year performance warranty. “You stand on it, we stand behind it.”  Choose between a black or grey mat.  DON'T WAIT BUY NOW>>

Wellness Mats - 3' x 2' Bella Gray - MB32WMRGRY

Wellness Mats Grey

Paderno - Spiral Slicer - 1049

How Much You Save: 50% OFF!Spiral Slicer for Healthy Foods

WAS $60.00, NOW $29.99

Great For:  This Paderno - Spiral Slicer is simple-to-use and produces spiral cuts, shoestrings and vegetable "noodles" for adding new texture to pasta dishes, stir-fries and salads. You can make long ribbons of cucumber, carrots and radishes for salads, or apple spirals for apple slaw. Cut onion rings, potato chips, shoestring potatoes or curly sweet potato fries in seconds.  Turn traditional dishes into healthy cuisines.  Use with a variety of firm fruits and vegetables including apples, potatoes, carrots, cucumber, zucchini and more.  Take this spiral slicer with you camping or on a trip to keep eating healthy as it is hand-operated-no batteries or AC outlet necessary.

The Paderno Spiral Slicer includes three stainless-steel blades: a shredder blade for cutting long, spaghetti-like spiral strands; a chipper blade for long, thick spiral strands; and a straight blade for long, ribbon-like strands.  Integral storage compartment for holding blades.  Powerful suction feet for stability with easy-release tabs.  Strong, durable BPA-free plastic construction. Dishwasher safe.  BUY NOW AT THIS GREAT PRICE>>

Microplane - Zester - 40001

NOW $14.99Microplane Zester

Great For:  This microplane zester is the tool every cook needs in their arsenal!  Zest up some lemons or limes to add some flavour to your culinary creations.  Finely grate ginger or cinnamon and other spices to your coffees, desserts or any food needing a little zing with this stainless steel zester.  Zest adds flavor to


Microplane - Gourmet Series Black Coarse - 45000

NOW $24.99Microplane Coarse Grater

Great For:  The gourmet coarse grater makes small flecks, ideal for salads. Pair it with the Grater Attachment for finger protection and grating small food items. All Microplane 45000 Gourmet Series graters are dishwasher-safe, featuring all stainless steel frame and blade construction, non-slip rubber feet, and ergonomic, soft touch handles for a more comfortable, sure grip. Available in six unique blade styles.  Available with black or red handles.

Non-slip end for added stability.  Ergonomic soft grip handle.  Cover included.  Dimensions: 12" x 2.9 " x 1 ".  Weight: 6 oz. Material: 18/8 stainless steel blade and frame. BUY NOW>>

What will you buy?

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Happy hunting!