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Slices! by the Best Kitchen Slicers
February 24, 2019

Slices! by the Best Kitchen Slicers

Search “Slicer” on Williams Food Equipment to reveal 104 items!  Our kitchen slicers can slice anything!  Big and small, to the commercial kitchen, and for our home chef, slicing and dicing is made effortless using these ingenious products.  Many incredible devices are on sale to save you time and money.

Fruit is fabulous for our health and hunger, but sometimes some fruits can be a bit messy, or straight-up dangerous to peel, slice, or dice. Look no further for easy, economical solutions for slicing these nutritious, yet sometimes slimy and slippery objects.  Many of these great tools are multi-taskers that perform more than one messy and/or dangerous task.

Avocados can be pricey depending where you live.  Nobody wants to leave any of that precious fruit in the shell.  The Trudeau Stainless Steel Avocado Slicer ensures a perfectly peeled avocado.  This multi-tasker scoops, peels and pits avo’s like nobodys business. Plus, your squashes will be easily cleaned internally with this helpful gadget.  Pumpkin seeds are no match for the Trudeau Avocado Slicer.  And at less than $7 each, why not buy a few now for socking stuffers later?

Slice Avocados Slicing avocados can't be any easier now using the Trudeau Avocado Slicer!

Avocados equal guacamole.  That green, creamy, spicy delight tops Mexican cuisine harmoniously, but burgers, omelets and sandwiches deserve one of the world’s greatest spreads as well.  This is my personal guacamole recipe.



  • 4 Haas Avocados
  • 1 teaspoon each: Garlic powder, chili powder, cumin, Mexican oregano
  • Juice of 2 small limes
  • 1 bunch cilantro (leaves only: fine chopped)
  • ½ teaspoon salt and pepper
  • 1 jalapeno (de-seeded and fine diced)
  • A few dashes to taste favorite hot sauce (Tapatio, Tabasco, or Cholula)


Simply use your Trudeau slicer, place all the avocados in a chilled glass bowl.  Mash with a fork.  Add everything else and fold in the ingredients.  Adjust to taste. Eat up with chips or anything you wish!

Uniformity reigns supreme when it comes to creating aesthetically pleasing cuisine.  And for less than $8, you can look like a gourmet chef!  The Progressive Prep Solutions Strawberry Slicer holds your strawberries, eggs, and mushrooms in place for perfect slices.  Making Cobb salad or a strawberry pie is so simple now.  And, best of all, it looks great!

Strawberry Slicer. Slice strawberries, mushrooms, and eggs effortlessly.

All respectable restaurants have a mandolin.  Those perfectly thin sliced potatoes most likely came at the hand of a mandolin.  Making Potatoes Au Gratin at home is effortless with a de Buyer Kobra V Axis Mandolin.  Extra fine slices at an incredible 0.2mm can be with had with this fine slicing product.  The ripest of fruits and veggies still slice without squishing, saving you money and time.  At $120, this is a high-quality tool needed in every home.

Mandolin A de Buyer Mandolin slices so thin, it is rediculous!

We spoke previously about saving with a meat slicer.  The Cuisinart Professional Food Slicer is an incredible value at less than $130 right now! Cuisinart is a quality company.  This machine is premium coated steel in a die-cast aluminum housing.  And slices at an insanely thin 5mm for all your meats, hard cheeses, breads, and veggies.  This slicer pays for itself in sandwiches!

These are a mere few of all the slicing, dicing, spiraling, and chopping needs we can help you handle for your own kitchen.  The possibilities are endless with the creativity using these tools of the trade.  Whether for a gift for yourself or others, these sale items for your prep needs are worth a look.  We are sure you will find something fun to cook with!