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Oh Bloody Caesar
July 30, 2018

Oh Bloody Caesar

With over 350 million drank (annually) in either a goblet, highball, pint glass, or even a mason jar, Canadians sure enjoy Bloody Caesars. National Caesar Day is celebrated every year in May, yet clearly with this volume, these are consumed year round and frequently at that.

This national potion came to fruition in 1969 after the restaurant manager at the local Calgary Inn attempted to concoct a cocktail reminiscent of Spaghetti alle Vongole (Spaghetti with clams).  Relying on his Italian heritage, Walter mashed clams into a nectar for over three months creating a unique cocktail for the new Italian restaurant. Day after day, sampling ensued. Rumor has it that a local Englishman exclaimed to Walter, “That’s a damn good Bloody Caesar!” Walter recognized he had his proportions precise!

Let's get our own concocting going on now, as the creativity is yours.  We will deliver you the basics and offer options to do it up your way!

Bloody Caesar Cocktail Ingredients

• 1 to 1.5 oz vodka
• 2 Dashes hot sauce
• 3 Dashes salt and pepper
• 4 Dashes Worcestershire sauce
• 5 oz Clamato juice
• Celery salt on plate
• 1 lime

It took no time at all for The Caesar to become Calgary’s best beverage. Word and taste spread Easterly to Ottawa and on. Today, Sundays, celebrations, brunches and beyond inspire us to add our own regional kinks to the national drink.

Add-Ons Include (Have fun adding yours to the list):


• Gin, Whisky or Tequila instead (Not recommended as Traditional)
• Horseradish
• Siracha
• Oyster Sauce
• Lobster Broth
• Fish Sauce
• Any Hot Sauce known to Earth
• Any other Citrus squeezed


• Bacon
• Chicken Wings
• Pickles
• Mini Grilled Cheeses
• Spring Rolls
• Lobster Chunks
• All types of Cheeses and Sausages

Another amusing notion is to prepare your own tomato and clam mixture. Clam juice is sold in 250ml bottles. About 4 and a half cups of tomato juice creates the correct ratio depending on your taste of course. Mashing clams into a nectar like Walter did is a neat way to bring it back old school style.

Basically, “The Kitchen Sink’ as some culinary creatives would call it fits in this intoxicating invention credited to Canada. Just stick to the 1-2-3-4-5 rule:

• 1 Ounce Vodka
• 2 big drops of Hot Sauce (to taste)
• 3 quick shakes each of good ole S&P (Salt and Pepper)
• 4 dashes and/or splashes of Worcestershire Sauce
• 5 Ounces of your fav Clam n’ Tomato juice mix

A Big Glass. Celery salt, ice, celery, and a lime. That’s the Classic Bloody Caesar. Supplementary support in all forms welcome to craft your own personal Caesar. Have pleasurable experiences with friends, family, or even solo taking part in constructing your perfect Caesar.