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Canada's Top 10 Best Chefs: Be Like Them
October 23, 2018

Canada's Top 10 Best Chefs: Be Like Them

Top 10 Canadian Chefs: How You Can Be Just Like Them

Ever watch Food Network and wonder what life would be like if you were a chef extraordinaire?  One of Canada's Best Chefs? Lucky for you, it’s pretty dang simple. The following list of the 10 Canadian chefs will inspire you to get your “Bobby Flay” on and links to useful tools on our website will get you there!

Canada's Best Chefs

While we may not all agree on the Top 10 Canada's Best Chefs, but we can agree that these 10 Canadian Chefs are talented and renowned for their work in many famous kitchens.  Let's learn what kitchen supplies and equipment these Chefs rely on in their kitchens.

#1: Anna Olson

Specialty: Baking. Bundt cake? Souffle? Brownies? Cookies? Whatever the craving, Anna Olson is sure to give you the right inspiration to be a baking extraordinaire! With just about 10 cook books published, you can be sure to trust this master baker’s wicked skills.

TV Creds: Host of Sugar, Fresh with Anna Olson, Bake with Anna Olson, Inspire with Anna Olson, and Confucius was a Foodie.

How to be Like Her: Shop our bakeware section here for all of your baking equipment needs! Take advantage of our sale on silpat mats for cookies, cookie cutters and scones and our Fox Run non-stick muffin pan for easy release on all your cupcake and muffin ventures as well as baking tools and gadgets!

#2: David Rocco

Specialty: Italian. Canadian born and raised, David Rocco has a unique skill for all things Italian. He has published four of his own cookbooks. He’s also started his own wine label, David Rocco’s Dolce Vita, which includes Chianti, Pinot Grigio, and Prosecco.

TV Creds: Host of Dolce Vita, Unique Eats, David Rocco’s Amalfi Getaway, Dolce India, Dolce Africa, and has been a judge on several other shows like Top Chef Canada and Iron Chef America: The Series!

How to be Like Him: With a zest for life and unique cooking, shop our Meat and Seafood Tools section here for creative ways to shape, tenderize, slice, press, snip, and scoop your protein ingredients!

#3: Lynn Crawford

Specialty:  Gourmet Cuisine. A diamond in the rough, Lynn Crawford dropped out of school to pursue her dreams of becoming a chef and she’s come out of it with flying colors. A huge fan of buying local and seasonal ingredients, Crawford has a keen eye for quality and supporting local farmers. Additionally, she was the very first Canadian woman to compete on Iron Chef America. How cool!

TV Creds: Iron Chef America: The Series, Restaurant Makeover, Pitchin’ It, Top Chef Masters, Chopped Canada, and Iron Chef Canada.

How to be Like Her: Shop our specialized kitchen section to roll gnochhi, sushi, slice cheese, and spiralize veggies like a champ!

#4: Brad Long

Specialty:  Using ethical, local, organic, and sustainable practices in his cooking. Much like Lynn Crawford, Long is a big supporter of local farmers and their produce. He started helping out at restaurants in the 80’s while mostly playing music. In the 90s Brad got more serious about the culinary arts and has won several awards including International Award of Excellence – Diamond Wine Award in 2004 and Air Canada Club was recognized as one of the top 10 restaurants of the year in its starting season. Can you say impressive?

TV Creds: Best Known for Restaurant Makeover.

How to be Like Him: Check out our fruit and vegetable tools section  for great ways to rinse, grate, crinkle and squeeze some of Earth’s most precious local and organic ingredients it has to offer.

#5: Massimo Capra

Specialty:  Italian Cuisine. Massimo Capra grew up on a dairy farm in Italy so you can be sure his works of art are authentic to the T. His first job was cleaning scallops in a restaurant at age 15. Capra now owns 5 restaurants around the world, including Rainbow Room which has one of the best views of Niagra Falls.

TV Creds: Restaurant Makeover, Restaurant Takeover, Top Chef Canada, Chopped Canada, and Confucius was a Foodie.

How to be Like Him: Explore our utensils section to whisk, flip, toss, and serve your michelin star masterpiece with precision and ease.

#6: Rob Feenie

Specialty:  Seafood. With 3 cookbooks to the name, Rob Feenie slays the cooking game. He worked at restaurants in the United States and France then opened up his very own restaurant, Accolade Restaurant, in Toronto at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. His restaurants Lumière and Feenie's in Vancouver was awarded the prestigious Relais Gourmand designation and won four stars from the Mobil Travel Guide and the AAA Diamond Award.

TV Creds: New Classics with Chef Rob Feenie, Iron Chef America: The Series, At the Table With..., Top Chef Canada, and more!

How to be Like Him: Just like David Rocco (#3, see above), shop our meat & seafood section to prep your entrees like a champ!

#7: Christine Crushing

Specialty: The Main Event. Christine was born in Greece, but moved to Canada with her family when she was just 1 year old. She’s come up with recipes for Gusto magazine, Starbucks, and Ace Bakery. She has written 3 cookbooks and has her very own food products such as Greek extra virgin olive oil, handmade tomato sauces, and roasted red pepper spreads.

TV Creds: Christine Cushing Live, Superstar Chef Challenge, Christine Cushing Cook With Me, and Fearless in the Kitchen to name a few.

How to be Like Her: Having claimed a mandoline to be the one tool she could not live without, get fancy and shop our mandoline slicers section for all your chef-tastic slicing needs!

#8: Gail Simmons

Specialty: All Around Chef Connoisseur. Gail Simmons started out by writing restaurant review for the McGill Tribune. Her career then landed her a gig working for a food critic at Vogue then lead her to becoming a special projects manager at Food & Wine. Then, of course, her series-long career as a judge on Top Chef came around. Her famous words to newbie chefs, “you should "love what you’re doing and you’ll manage to do it - no matter how hard it is."

TV Creds: Judge on Top Chef, Iron Chef Canada, and literally so many others. She’s super famous. Go check out her imdb!

How to be Like Her: Shop our measuring section for utmost accuracy and precision. Do you think this is a game?

#9: Roger Mooking

Specialty: BBQing. Born in Trinidad Topago and moved to Canada at the age of 5. He went to George Brown College of Hospitality where he studied the culinary arts. His career took him to being the Executive Chef and Co-Owner of both Kultura Social Dining and Nyood Restaurants before landing him gigs on Television.

TV Creds: Heat Seakers, Man Fire Food, Everyday Exotic, and many, many more.

How to be Like Him: Explore our outdoor grills section  to live up to Mooking’s fascination of unique ways to cook with fire!

#10: Michael Smith

Specialty:  Quality Cooking Made Easy. Born and raised in New York, Michael Smith studied culinary arts at Rochester Institute of Technology. Having lived all over the world (post college), Michael Smith cooked in restaurants located in London, South America, and the Caribbean. Upon his return to the States, Smith has made it a point to bring the best of what he’s learned to many prominent Manhattan restaurants. Before moving to Canada of course. ;)

TV Creds: Chef Abroad, Chopped Canada, The Inn Chef, Chef at Large, and Chef at Home are just a few of his many TV show appearances.

How to be Like Him: Shop our nonstick cookware section to make crafting his simple to follow recipes even easier!

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Now that you have the essentials to taking on the champs (in the safety of your own home, without them actually being there) go out of your way to impress family, friends, or even just yourself! You’ll be real surprised at how far utilizing the proper kitchen tools will take you.

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Until then, happy cooking!