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3 Types Of Dinner Hosts & The Kitchen Gadgets They Need
July 22, 2015

3 Types Of Dinner Hosts & The Kitchen Gadgets They Need

Which of these quotes can you be heard saying when you’re throwing a dinner party?

“Roast is in the oven. Asparagus on the grill. How long until the potatoes are cooked?”
“I think the whipped cream just needs to be a little fluffier.”
“Who wants a fourth/fifth/tenth cup of coffee?”

There are so many different types of hosts out there, each with their own needs, worries, concerns, and stresses. If a host doesn’t have the right tools in their kitchen, a dinner party dream can quickly turn into a pizza ordering nightmare.

We’ve narrowed down the 3 most common types of hosts, and what they need to pull off the perfect dinner party.

The Multitasker Extraordinaire

Must-Have Multitasking Gadgets:


Kitchen Timer


When the guests arrive and your meal is not quite finished, it is imperative to have a kitchen timer that you can carry around with you - like the Taylor Chef’s Timer & Stopwatch. Follow your party away from the kitchen, you’ll know exactly when to come back in.

Multi-Use Bar Tool


A bottle (or two) of wine, or some bottles of beer have been known to be popped open at a good dinner party. To make sure you’re ready for anything, have The Zwilling Premium Waiters Knife on hand for popping corks and bottle caps, and cutting through foil seals.

Knife Set


A good knife set is essential for swiftly preparing different courses for any dinner party. All foods have different textures and needs, so look for a set with a different knife for various meats, vegetables, and breads - which you can find in this Global 3 Piece Knife Set.

Cheese Grater


An important multi-use gadget to have is the Zyliss Rotary Cheese Grater. After all, freshly grated parmesan cheese is much more appealing than a prepackaged shaker of cheese, and the grater can be used for nuts and chocolate - great toppings for dessert!

The Presentation Picasso

Essential Presentation Products:

Iced Tea Pitcher


A stray seed or piece of stem can definitely ruin the appeal of a fruit infused summer drink. To easily provide this treat for your guests, try The Fox Run Prodyne Flavour Pitcher, which allows you to add fruit to cold drinks, without the pain unwanted fruit pieces in their glasses.

Kebob Skewers


Whether stacked with meat and veggies, or fruit and cheese, a well crafted skewer is the perfect visual complement to many dishes and a clear must-have for home entertaining. Get your hands on Johnson-Rose Stainless Steel Skewers for any type of hot or cold kebob.

Cake & Dessert Covers


If you've expertly piped and frosted your cake, you'll want to avoid the risk of having this piece of art ruined while you wait for the dessert course! Having a few Johnson-Rose Cake Covers will keep your cake bump, smudge, and crumble-free until it’s time to admire.

Meat Thermometer


A meat thermometer is necessary when cooking meat, especially if you’re striving for that beautiful, tender cook through. The Cooper Digital Pocket Thermometer will help ensure your dish is cooked to perfection, blowing your guests away when they make that first cut.

The Master of More

Vital "Seconds Please" Solutions:


Casserole Dishes


Having a set of quality casserole dishes is the key to having endless portions for guests to feast on, especially with them being so easy to wash and transport. To start with, make sure to try this Port Style Casserole Dish for a great, versatile choice to have in your kitchen.

Ice Cream Maker


Nobody says “seconds, please!” more than they do when it comes to dessert. From double chocolate, to rocky road to extra cookie dough - with the Cuisinart Pure Indulgence Ice Cream Maker you can provide enough ice cream to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Fondue Set


Cheese or chocolate, meat or fruit - fondue is the perfect meal for guests looking to eat a little bit more. Not to mention it being especially easy on the host! The Staub Fondue Set is great for savoury and sweet sauces. You’ll have guests dipping in again and again.

Bulk Coffee & Tea Makers


Nothing washes down a great meal like a hot cuppa’ coffee or tea. Instead of going through multiple filters or tea bags, the Newco Air Pot Coffee Server and Krups 1200W Tea Maker are specially designed for group serving to give your guests that caffeinated fix.


So, which of these types of host sounds the most familiar to you? Maybe you’re the Multitasker Extraordinaire, and your friend is the Presentation Picasso to a ‘T’?

No matter what type of host you are, make sure you have all the equipment you need to plan your next perfect dinner party.