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10 Vitamix Kitchen Hacks You Need To Know
December 31, 2018

10 Vitamix Kitchen Hacks You Need To Know

With the most powerful kitchen blender on the market, there's bound to be some Vitamix Kitchen Hacks that you MUST know when you have your very own kitchen powerhouse.

The Vitamix line of blenders are far superior in every regard.  With so many models to choose from, Vitamix delivers power, speed, and accuracy for all your hot and cold ideas, concoctions, and recipes.  Truly an incredible investment for your kitchen!  An unheard-of, industry leading 10 year warranty, with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee should compel the amateur to the pro to try a Vitamix blender today!

The Vitamix comes with every ingenious hack known to man in the Ascent Series.  Technological advances enable the new Ascent Series of Vitamix blenders to now feature built-in wireless connectivity!  The Self Detect feature on these gems allow one to easily transfer from a 64 ounce low profile container, down to a 20 ounce On-The-Go container, then even smaller to 8 ounces blending bowls for sauces, baby food, and single usage recipes.  5 program settings, variable speeds, programmable timer, an auto-stop feature, as well as self-cleaning functionality ensure this blender has its own hacks built-in for your smoothie, hot soup, dip & spread, and frozen dessert needs!

But, want to have some real fun with your Vitamix blender!?  Here are some somewhat crazy and unique ideas, tips, tricks, and hacks that make the blending world spin.  Food is fun, but creating other things in the Vitamix is also exciting for all in the house.

Creating compost for your garden is fun, non-toxic, cheap and safe using your Vitamix blender.  And with a simple hack to follow, and the Vitamix’s self-cleaning function, one needs to worry not about this project being dirty or gross the next time you craft a quick Hollandaise sauce.  Coffee grounds, vegetable and fruit scraps, eggshells, and even old newspaper can be tossed into a Vitamix, along with a cup or two of water to blend a great compost.  Avoid dairy, meat, and cooked items as these are not on your garden’s diet.  Vitamix’s strong blades are no match for any of these ingredients.  Just run the self-clean, and you’re ready for your own food and drink to be prepared next.

This hack is kinda obvious…A powerhouse like the Vitamix can be cleaned firstly by simply adding hot water two-thirds full, along with a tablespoon of quality dish washing soap, and a teaspoon of plain white vinegar and lemon juice.  Turn this monster on high for a minute.  Dump the mixture and run under the sink with hot water until clean and shiny.

Before the guest arrive, pulsing the vino in your Vitamix blender.  This will enable the unwelcome compounds to evaporate quicker than pouring or letting it sit out.  The more fragrant and palatable aromas remain with the wine via the quick pulse method.  And, those less expensive wines do taste so much better when blended!

This simple project ends up becoming two products.  Buttermilk and butter!  Just place two cups of heavy cream and a dash of salt and blend on high for 5 minutes.  Thereafter, the separation of buttermilk and butter occur.  Pour out the buttermilk and blend a few more times.  This releases more of the buttermilk.  Scoop out that creamy butter and use it on everything you can!

The Vitamix is so powerful, creating flour with oats, almonds, or walnuts is simple and quick!  Just pulse away until the flour-like consistency you wish becomes apparent.  Just a heads up, nuts when pulsed or blended too long become a butter, so keep an eye on what you are seeking texture wise.

A banana and an egg, a couple cups of oats, 2 teaspoons of baking powder, and a cup and a half of milk create an easy, quick, and cheap batter every time! Kids and adults will love these addictive pancakes on Sunday morning.  Just blend all the ingredients until smooth, cook, and serve.

Toast 4 slices of the bread of your choice to a medium dark (setting 4 or 5 usually).  Add whatever spices you wish.  Italian is a popular style.  Incorporate garlic and onion powder with some parsley, oregano and basil flakes, along with some salt, pepper and some grated parmesan, pulse until as crumbly as you like it.  Use on Chicken Parmigiana! Yum!

As quick and easy as you can get for such an elegant sauce!  If needing your fix of Hollandaise, but you are dining solo, take an egg yolk, 2 teaspoons of fresh squeezed lemon juice, and a big pinch of cayenne pepper and pulse a few time in your Vitamix.  Microwave a half of stick of butter until melted and hot(yet not scorched).  While the vitamix is running on a lower speed, slowly stream the hot butter in until creamy, smooth, and combined.  If the sauce is too thick, add dashes of hot water( or more lemon if you like it more citrus-flavored) until the desired consistency.

A cup of granulated sugar is no match for any Vitamix blender!  Feathery, snowy powdered (or confectioners) sugar appears in the Vitamix container almost instantly.  No need to run to the store and spend higher prices on adding the word “Powdered” or “Confectioners” to something can be created easily, quickly, and cheaper at home .


Five ingredients whipped up in your Vitamix can save your life someday!  4 and a half tablespoons of beeswax microwaved with 4 and a half cups of coconut oil create the first step of the saave.  Melt completely until these two ingredients are thoroughly combined.  Adding this to your Vitamix, along with 17 drops of tea tree oil, a dozen drops of lavender oil, and two tablespoons of witch hazel formulate a soothing balm.  Blend on high until the cream thickens and volumizes.  Store in a glass jar for any ouchies or boo-boos that unfortunately can occur in the kitchen….

These are just ten things to play around with in your Vitamix blender.  And with a 30 day guarantee of satisfaction, and the unbelievable 10 year warranty, how can one live in a kitchen sans a Vitamix blender?  Williams Food Equipment is a true fan and expert in every Vitamix product.  Williams Food Equipment just simply LOVES the Vitamix brand!

We don't just sell Vitamix blenders we use them. Our passion for Vitamix blenders comes from years of us using them ourselves giving us the ability to not just talk the talk but also walk the walk. Give us a call, we love to talk about Vitamix whether it be discussing the differences between models, discussing the capabilities of a machine or chatting about different recipes that we have tried that may help inspire you to use your blender to its fullest potential. If you have a question we can't answer right away, we are happy to go to our resources and get you the answers that you need.  A Williams Food Equipment Statement.