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Silpat -  Half Sheet Non-Stick Baking Mat - 0221


Silpat - Half Sheet Non-Stick Baking Mat -


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Making pizzas, cookies, and cupcakes has never been easier or tastier! Our full range of baking sheets come in a variety of non-stick, lightweight and durable materials such as aluminum, carbon steel, and silicone. Most of our products come with a lifetime guarantee and are dishwasher safe. Everything from baking sheets, pizza pans, and baker’s racks are available. Just imagine freshly baked chocolate chip cookies cooked to perfection with a Le Creuset Insulated Cookie Sheet. Indulge your sweet tooth and bake your next batch of brownies with a Chloe’s Kitchen pan. If you’re in the mood for something savoury, roast some ribs using a Johnson-Rose Wire Pan Grate to keep your meat tender without all the extra fat. Have a perfect pizza night at home every time with a Paderno Pizza Pan.

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