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Make the most delicious, delectable, and desirable cupcakes, muffins, and madeleines with our full range of muffin and cupcake pans. These pans are made from non-stick metal, ceramic, or silicone and create evenly cooked cupcakes and muffins every time. Trusted names such as Chloe’s Kitchen, Fox Run, Johnson-Rose, Le Creuset, Nor Pro, Paderno, and Trudeau. You can also choose from a range of sizes including mini, regular, and jumbo! Use English Muffin rings to create perfect rounds for breakfast sandwiches, or try out some light and tasty treats using the unique Madeline pan. Or, why not prepare some pan muffins that everyone is sure to love. Flip the pan over to make ice cream bowls and turn your dessert into a sundae, or bake tortillas into a new a take on tacos.

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