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Wellness Mats - 3' x 2' Bella Light Antique - PMB32WMRLT

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Wellness Mats - 3' x 2' Bella Light Antique -


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Cooking, cleaning and completing other household chores can take a toll on your overall health and well-being. For over 15 years, WellnessMats have addressed the common health issues many people face by alleviating and preventing knee, back, hip and foot pain with their ergonomically engineered and medically proven anti-fatigue floor mat design.

Our easy-to-clean WellnessMats products provide unmatched comfort and are resistant to punctures, heat, stains and dirt. WellnessMats also have non-slip bottom surfaces, so you can feel confident in their safety. Designed to reduce joint impact, improve circulation and increase energy, WellnessMats are not only ideal in front of the stovetop in the kitchen, but should be used in any room you spend a significant time standing, including in the office, laundry room, and garage. Browse through the WellnessMats products we offer, which come in a variety of sizes, patterns and colours guaranteed to complement the décor throughout your home.